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When you’re finally ready to answer the call of the open road, buying a new or used motorcycle has never been easier. The digital auction space is exploding with sellers trying to make space in their garage, and their trash might include your next treasure!


While it may not be the first place you look, you can actually buy and ship eBay motorcycles more reliably than ever with the help of uShip motorcycle shipping. Not yet convinced? Keep reading to learn more!

How uShip Connects you with Motorcycle Shipping Companies

Thankfully whether looking for motorcycles on eBay or anywhere else, the process of getting your motorcycle shipped to you from anywhere is pretty simple. Plus eBay motors will give you the option to list your shipment as soon as your purchase is confirmed.


1.eBay and uShip have a Direct Integration

So you can find out how much it costs to ship a motorcycle directly on eBay.

2. Auction Winning Details will be sent to uShip as a Listing

No need to copy down all the measurements. Everything will transfer over to save you time and find a motorcycle shipper.

3. You’ll Start to Receive Quotes for Motorcycle Transport

Carriers will submit quotes for your listing. From here you can research their profile and find a transporter you trust at the best price. Some carriers will have FMSCA credentials you can verify and reviews left by shippers like you.

4. Accept a Motorcycle Shipping Quote and Book your Carrier

Once you start receiving bids for your listing, you’ll have the option to accept or decline. Once you accept, you’ll receive a booking confirmation and be able to work with your transporter through the uShip platform.

5. Once you Receive your Delivery, Release your Payment

If anything goes wrong with your shipment, you will not be obligated to release the payment to the transporter.

Are eBay Motorcycles legit?

Just like anything you can’t see with your own eyes before buying, you’ll have to do some homework on your seller. But the majority of the time, buyers find a motorcycle on eBay that they love and a uShip carrier that delivers it on time and in good condition. As an extra precaution, eBay currently recommends both buyers and sellers look into escrow services approved by eBay Motors.

How do I Learn More about an eBay Motorcycle Seller?

Every eBay seller will have their buyer feedback posted publicly, so you can read reviews from buyers and make an informed decision. Something to keep in mind, however, is that a real seller is going to have a mix of good and bad reviews, and a fraudulent seller might appear to have too many good reviews. Look into common eBay motors red flags and keep your motorcycle dreams heading in the right direction.

How do I Purchase a Motorcycle on eBay?

eBay gives you two ways to buy a motorcycle from their motors category. You can participate in the eBay motorcycles auction, where several potential buyers compete to submit the highest bid before time runs out (usually 5 to 10 days). Helpful tip, try to place your bid towards the end of the auction for the best chance of winning.


If the thrill of competition isn’t your thing, some sellers will set a “buy it now” price on their listing. If this is the case you can make your purchase and pay with one of eBay’s accepted methods of payment. There’s an art to buying motorcycles on eBay, so keep an eye on uShip’s helpful resources to stay prepared.

What Types of Motorcycles can I Find on eBay?

eBay motorcycles antique Harley Davidson

This Vintage Harley Davidson was listed on August 4th, 2022. If you’re looking for something you can’t find at a dealership, you’ll have a great shot of finding it on eBay motors. Everything from brand-new Kawasaki Ninjas to rare Harleys can be yours with a watchful eye and good timing.


If you can’t stay glued to your computer screen, set up notifications in your eBay account so you know right away when a motorcycle is listed. You can also download the eBay app and get notifications in the palm of your hand.

Won the Auction? Shipping with eBay Motorcycles & uShip

Congratulations on your new bike! Now all you have to do is create your motorcycle shipping listing on uShip and wait for a carrier to deliver your next great adventure.

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