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Obtaining an instant YRC Freight quote is simple and affordable with uShip. Our online marketplace allows businesses to instantly compare freight rates from 31+ LTL in one place. Say goodbye to signing into multiple websites to get carrier-specific LTL rates.


Low volume businesses shippers can expect to save up to 85% on direct YRC freight rates when they use uShip. Typically, LTL carriers like YRC will only provide discounted rates to those businesses that are shipping many pallets per week. As a result, smaller businesses are left to pay higher shipping rates and struggle to be price competitive.


uShip uses collective buying power to provide low YRC LTL Freight quotes. Collective buying power is the process of using the buying power of a group to obtain discounts that would not be otherwise available. To illustrate, when any business books a YRC Freight dimensional quote on uShip, it uses our YRC account. As a result, YRC provides discounted rates based on uShip’s total volume, not the business itself.



YRC freight has been around since 1924, heavily specializing in transporting industrial, retail, and commercial goods. Furthermore, YRC offers fantastic LTL shipping solutions for businesses across North America – including the United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and Mexico. They offer many services to fit any business mold such as expedited shipping, two-day or three-day coast-to-coast, money-back guaranteed windows, and volume pricing.


To get a YRC Freight rate quote from uShip, all you need to do is fill out our LTL form. uShip does not require that you know your freight class, just be sure to have precise measurements on hand. It is important to provide the accurate width, length, height, and weight of the shipment in order to avoid and rebills.


Once you input the details of your shipment, you will be provided with quotes. It is important to fully review the quote to ensure the details are correct. Any errors such as pickup dates, addresses, phone numbers, or any other important information should be corrected before booking to avoid any complications.


After completing the booking, you will be provided with a bill of lading (bol). The bill of lading is to be given to the YRC driver at the time of pickup. The document includes very important shipment information. Please check the bill of lading for accuracy and contact us should any changes need to be made prior to pickup.



uShip provides the whole package for business shippers: low-cost YRC dimensional freight quotes and an unmatched level of service.

  • Rebill Protection: uShip audits your invoice to ensure no mistakes were made. In addition, if you do not agree with an additional charge, we will assist you in disputing it with YRC directly.
  • Load Your Own Rates: If you have your own rates with other carriers like YRC, feel free to upload them to your uShip portal. By doing this, you can compare your contract rates against ours, all in one place. Thus, eliminating bouncing around various freight websites for quotes.
  • Customer Specific Rates: If we notice that you’re shipping an adequate amount of volume, we can offer account-specific pricing.
  • Referral Program: Do you know of other businesses in need of LTL shipping services? If so, refer them to experience uShip and you’ll receive shipment credits and other rewards in return.
  • Protection: Did you know that LTL pickups do not automatically come with full coverage protection? uShip fills protection gaps and offers the option to purchase a protection plan for select shipments.
  • Account Management: Frequent shippers can enjoy the benefits of having their own account manager here at uShip.


The best part about using uShip to schedule a YRC Freight pickup is the ability to compare rates from other carriers. When you obtain a uShip LTL quote, you receive quotes from other freight companies that can accommodate your specific needs as well. By comparing the rates of other freight companies, you can guarantee you are getting the best price possible.


Instantly schedule a YRC Freight pickup online with uShip. If you have any questions about obtaining rates, feel free to contact us. We have a knowledgeable freight team available to answer all of your questions.

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