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How Freight and Auto Brokers Use uShip to Source Loads and Carriers

As an auto or freight broker, you’re often meeting the needs of two parties by finding available loads to assign to your carriers, and finding high quality carriers to add to your fleet. uShip helps you save time and money as you can do both in one place.

The best part about using uShip as a resource for finding carriers and shipments is that there are no monthly fees or subscription fees. The goal of our marketplace is to help shippers find carriers and help carriers get work. uShip doesn’t charge anything until a shipment is matched and payment is complete. You’ll be able to see the transaction fee as you bid on shipments, or before you submit payment.

Why Brokers Use uShip to Source Loads

Half of the time, brokers are providing transport jobs for their fleet. To keep your drivers happy, it’s important to keep those shipments coming. uShip’s shipping marketplace is often used as a free load board for brokers, and has become both a supplemental and primary resource for finding work for broker companies and their drivers.

uShip’s free load board for brokers has thousands of available loads that need to be shipped. Retailer shippers, car dealerships, and warehouses are listing freight and auto shipments right now. From vehicles to freight, every day brokers are finding new jobs.

How Brokers Source Carriers on uShip

Keeping clients happy keeps you in business. You don’t want to fall behind in completing shipments. If your fleet is getting smaller, you’ve loaded up all your drivers, or you need an upgrade to your fleet, uShip can help you source the carriers you’re looking for.

With over 10,000 feedback-rated carriers, you can find high-quality, available drivers to help you take on more shipments, and grow your business. uShip asks shipping customers to rate and review their service providers based on their experience. You can find these reviews on their carrier profile, where drivers describe their services, provide their operating authority numbers, and have photos of their equipment. Find auto transporters, freight transporters, moving companies, and more.

Register today, build out your broker profile, and start sourcing loads and carriers to drive your business.