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How to Win Jobs and Make Money with uShip

With thousands of available loads all across the country on uShip’s free load board, there’s a perfect transport job just for you… and maybe a few others. So, how do you make sure you win the job and make your money? It’s easier than you think, and you don’t have to sell yourself short in the process.

uShip allows you to set your own schedule, your own route, and set your own transport rates. Many carriers have used uShip has supplemental income. Some have used uShip as their main source of business, creating their own fleets off of the money they make on uShip. They all do it by providing value to their shipping customer.

Winning transport jobs on uShip is all about providing value, not just offering the lowest price. Sure, shipping rates come into play when a customer is choosing between you and another carrier, but more importantly: they want to know you, your company, and what you offer.

Customers will look at your profile to find out about your company from your own words, and any ratings or reviews from previous work on uShip.

How to Win Transport Jobs on uShip:

  1. Build Your uShip Profile: This is your platform to really market your shipping services. Highlight your specialty, how long you’ve been in the industry, and show off your rig with some high quality photos.
  2. Ask Questions About the Available Load: Communicate with the customer directly on their shipment listing in the Question and Answer section. Find out more about the customer and their needs. Engaging with the customer in a professional way lets them know you care about their shipment, and the transport service you provide.
  3. Get Competitive: You’ve got the professional profile and you’re asking all the right questions. Now it’s time to get competitive with your rates – without settling. You can see all the transport quotes submitted by other carriers for the shipment, so you know what rates the customer is comparing. Again, the lowest rate isn’t always the winner – so don’t sell yourself short.
  4. Learn From Lost Transport Jobs: If your quote is declined, pay attention to the reason it was declined. You can find the reason on the listing page, or in the notification email. Find out if your shipping rate was too high, your trip dates were not compatible, or the customer no longer needs shipping. This will help you adjust how you quote on jobs.
  5. Get Positive Feedback: You won the job, and provided the best service to your customer. After you have completed your transport job, your customer will provide feedback that goes onto your profile. This is a game-changer. Your reputation builds within the uShip marketplace, you’ll start winning more work, and you’ll notice you can start increasing your own rates – and still win jobs.

Now you’re locked and loaded to find shipments and win. Start checking out transport jobs on uShip today!