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Tips for Winning Jobs on uShip

Winning transport jobs on uShip is all about providing value, not just offering the lowest price. Customers will also consider feedback from your previous shipments when selecting which bid to accept. With thousands of available jobs, uShip can be a tremendous source of profitable shipments, and building your reputation through uShip’s feedback system will allow you to get in on the action. Here are some tips to help you win your next uShip transport job:

Quote Competitively – You can view all quotes submitted for a shipment, so you should submit your quote accordingly. This is especially important for your first job, as you will not yet have any customer feedback. Once you build your uShip reputation through successful transactions and positive feedback, you will be able to charge a premium for your quality service.

Ask Questions – Use the Question and Answer section on the shipment listing to communicate with the customer about their shipment. Frequent, professional communication will encourage the customer to accept your bid.

Remember: You may not give direct contact information at this stage in the process. Direct contact information will be exchanged after a bid has been accepted.

Learn from your quotes – If your quote is declined, pay attention to the reason it was declined. This will appear on the shipment listing page and in the notification email, and will tell you if your price was too high, your trip dates were not compatible, or the customer was looking for someone with more feedback. This should help you adjust your bids on this and other shipments.

Complete your profile – This is a great way to build customer confidence if you do not yet have any feedback. Market yourself with pictures and descriptions of your equipment and services, as well as any licenses and insurance information. Service Providers with a complete profile are more likely to win jobs, so remember to fill out your profile.