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How to Choose a Piano Mover

A piano is one item where it is always advisable to find a professional moving company instead of attempting to move it yourself. Pianos are very heavy and unwieldy, not to mention expensive. Spending a little extra money on a reputable piano moving company will protect something you spent a lot of money on. Let uShip help you make the right call when choosing a piano mover. 

Check Your Piano Mover’s Credentials

Piano transport companies are required to be licensed and registered with the Department of Transportation. Many movie companies will also have the expertise and capability to transport your piano. Any mover should be able provide you with their MC or USDOT numbers upon request and you should verify these at SAFER. This site will tell you if your mover has the proper credentials.

Verify Your Professional Piano Mover’s Insurance Coverage

All professional piano movers are required to carry insurance in addition to being licensed. Ask your movers to provide you with a certificate from their insurance company. Verify this by calling their insurance company or on SAFER.

Most of the time when moving a piano, this insurance policy will provide enough coverage. If you, however, find that you need more coverage contact your homeowner’s insurance provider. Ask them for a rider to your insurance policy that will cover your piano during the move. The extra coverage will put your mind at ease during the shipment.

Most commodities transported through uShip are eligible for uShip Shipping Protection. When accepting a bid, you have the option to purchase additional coverage. This policy is all-risk covering approved goods against damage, lost or stolen claims subject to the terms and exclusions of the policy.

Research the Professional Piano Mover

As with stocks and baseball players, a professional piano mover’s past performance is a good indicator of their future performance. In other words, get as much information as possible about the piano moving company. Luckily, service providers on uShip have extensive customer ratings, feedback and history listed directly on their uShip profile. By browsing their uShip profile, you will see the level of success the transporter had with similar shipments in the past and the satisfaction of previous customers. You will also find MC and DOT numbers, insurance coverage, past cancellations on the transporter’s uShip profile. After reviewing this information, you will be ready to choose a transporter, and be confident in knowing who is handling your precious piano.

Researching the moving company may take extra time, but it’s worth it. The vast majority of piano movers are hardworking and honest and a little extra effort on your part will ensure that you find the best company for you and your piano move.