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How to Move a Piano Between Rooms

If you are moving a piano from one room to another on the same floor of your house, you probably do not need to hire a professional mover. This is not to say that this kind of piano moving is easy—it isn’t. Do it yourself piano moving without great care could lead to damage to your piano, your floors, and your walls. It could even mean injury for the mover. Following a few simple piano moving tips will protect your instrument and your home:

Strength in Numbers

Face it: even on the small side, a piano is heavy and cumbersome. Call up friends or family and find someone to help. Move your piano alone, and you might book yourself a trip to the doctor and your piano a trip to the tuner.

Don’t be fooled by those wheels

Even though your piano has wheels, they are not meant for moving. Wheels on most pianos are largely ornamental and are only intended for small adjustments. If possible, lift the piano off the ground when moving.

Take it Slow with Piano Moving

Don’t rush during the piano moving process. You paid thousands of dollars for the instrument—could it hurt to take thirty extra minutes to make sure you get it to its destination safely? If you have to lift your piano, you’ll want to make sure to take plenty of breaks. If you are rolling your piano on its wheels, you will still want to go slow to be sure you do not run into any walls or scratch the floors.

Plan Your Piano Moving

You’ll want to plan the piano move before you begin. The first thing to check is if the room where you’ll be placing the piano is large enough for the piano. You wouldn’t want to spend a couple hours moving your piano only to find out that you have to turn around because you don’t have enough room.

You should also look for any problem areas between where your piano is and where you want it to be. Are there narrow doorways that may be too narrow for your piano? Or is there a step or two where you’ll have to lift the piano? Discussing these spots with your moving partners will save you headaches later and will help you pick the most effective path.

Moving a piano is like moving any other large item; you will want to take your time and have others help you. Moving a piano is different because a piano is a highly tuned instrument that does not take bumps lightly. If you decide to move your piano around your house without hiring a professional, you should be sure to plan for lots of time and lots of help.