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How to Prepare a Piano for Moving

Preparing your piano for moving is necessary to avoid damage. Your piano is an important and sensitive instrument, and proper preparation will keep it safe during the move. You may be tempted to skimp on preparation, especially if you are busy with other aspects of a household move. Avoid this temptation and carefully prepare your piano for transport.

Moving a Piano Requires Padding

Wrap your piano in blankets or other padding before you begin moving the piano. This will solve two problems. The padding will protect the piano’s surface from scratching or other damage during the move and it will also protect any surfaces in your home from the piano.

If you have an upright piano, make sure that the casters are free of dust or any other object that may keep them from moving properly. This will help the movers save time when they come to pick up your piano. It will also ensure that your piano doesn’t scratch up your floors during moving.

Map It Out When Moving a Large Piano

Just before the movers arrive, make sure that any possible paths are clear and that you have thought of the best path to take the piano. Planning ahead and preparing your piano for transport will save both you and the movers time and hassle. Don’t skimp on the preparation—it’s as important as the moving itself.