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Transporting Fragile Goods in the EU

Having to ship fragile or delicate items requires great preparation in preventing damage during transport. For many items that have high monetary or sentimental value, it’s best to use a fragile goods courier.

For example, if you were to be shipping something delicate such as glassware, it’s best for each piece to be carefully wrapped in protective material. For items such as artwork, that may require special box dimensions, consider making your own packaging out of materials that are easy to acquire. If you want, you can also purchase special artwork boxing, but that does get expensive.

If you’re moving antique furniture, it’s important to hire a good special care transporter. Make sure to package the items properly before shipping, and give the transporter very clear handling instructions.

Professional movers with specialized skills are available for more advanced moving, such as pianos and other heavy pieces of equipment. These heavy items can be damaged during transport. For example, if you’re looking at moving an antique vehicle or motorcycle, seriously consider enclosed trailers versus traditional open trailers.

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