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Goldoni 224 2,8x1,2x1,2cm 900kg

89356 Haldenwang
$ 407

Lanz D2016 + 2 Hinterräder

27283 Verden (Aller)
97508 Grettstadt
$ 377

unbekannt unbekannt

99518 (direkt an B87)
72458 Albstadt-Lautlingen
$ 602

Gabelstapler Still RX 70-30T

38640 Goslar
17034 Neubrandenburg
$ 809

Case MAXXUM 5140

79106 Freiburg im Breisgau
74821 Mosbach
$ 565
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Freight Transport Options

Road or freight transport haulage is an affordable option for large or heavy items that are unable to be shipped by traditional parcel services. It is a good alternative for parcels above the size and weight limits of parcel shipping.

Options for Road Haulage

There are multiple haulage options, including bulk or container haulage, groupage or pallet delivery, and express haulage. Should you need to haul freight internationally you would contact a Freight Forwarder.

Choosing a Freight Haulier

The first step is to measure your freight shipment. Next, choose a freight hauler or freight broker. When deciding on a company remembers to check their authority, cargo insurance, and feedback or references.

It is important to prepare your freight correctly. There are specific packaging and labeling requirements for freight parcels. We recommend asking your hauler for instructions to prevent damage to your goods.

Complete Your Shipment

It is your responsibility to pack, load and unload your shipment. Although your transporter may assist, be prepared to handle your goods at the pickup and delivery locations.

Top EU Heavy Haulers

Lameijer Import

22 reviews

Areconstruct srl

5 reviews


2 reviews


1 reviews

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