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Preparing your Freight Shipment

Specialised heavy equipment, such as bulldozers, tractors, or cranes, may require a specific kind of hauler. Due to their size, and weight, certain items need specialized machinery to be transported. It’s very important to provide the most accurate information to the hauler so they can be prepared as much as possible. For more information in dimensions and weights, look at your equipment’s owner’s manual, or check out Ritchie Specs.

You have several options when consider someone for heavy equipment shipping, the item can be shipped via flatbed, special trailer, or be towed. A specialized shipping company can help you make the best decision for transport. If you’re planning on shipping items internationally, you will require special permits which your broker can provide.

Be sure to prepare the heavy equipment for transport prior to the day of transport. By doing so, you help protect the equipment from adverse condition and avoid unnecessary damage. Oversized equipments tends to require some extra preparation, to keep that in mind when scheduling. Make sure you contact your shipping company and ask them if there are any special requirements they need, or you need, prior to them arriving.

Keep in mind that carriers are required to have a certain amount of insurance to cover any unexpected issues, however you may also need to purchase additional insurance to be sure. Research on what you’re currently being covered for and what you may need to get in addition to that.

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