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Making Shipping Cheaper with uShip

Large, bulky items can be difficult to move. Let uShip help you relieve the stress of finding cheap shipping options for your items. We’ll help you figure out how to ship you things, give you tips for shipping, and help you get discounted rates from reliable carriers. You can ship anything, anywhere. From vehicles to dogs to furniture, and everything in between. If you take a wrong turn, we’re here to help. Thousands of customers have found cheap discount shipping on uShip and there is no risk or obligation when you list your item(s) for transport.

The uShip marketplace is a great way to find cheap, reliable shipping companies. Create a listing that details your shipping needs. Then, transporters will send you rates for your shipment as they bid for your business. This ensures you get the cheapest shipping rates. You can talk to the carriers and review their profiles before accepting their quote, so you know you’re working with the best transporter for the job. You can check feedback, insurance and delivery information of each transporter in their profile before accepting their quote. With uShip, you can have peace of mind, a smooth delivery and money left in your pocket.

How to Ship With uShip

Getting cheap shipping is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1 | Create Your Listing

Find out your needs and your budget first. Outline a timeframe that works for you and consider any details that are specific to your shipment. Include any dimensions and weight associated with your item. You’ll want to be as detailed as possible in your transportation needs. Include photos of your item so the transporters can see what they’re quoting on.

Discount shipping transporter smiling from truck
Man next to fragile shipment in front of his truck

2 | Choose the Best Discount Shipping Company

Once your listing is complete, you’ll get quotes from transporters. They’ll be competing for your work so the rates will continue to get lower. As the shipping quotes come in, you can talk to the transporters and ask them questions about their services. We encourage you to review their carrier profiles as well.

Each carrier on uShip has their own carrier profile with transportation history, customer rated feedback, and safety records for your review. A cheap transportation rate is great, but we encourage you to review these profiles to get an idea of who will be shipping your item. Between asking them questions and checking out their profile, you can feel confident you’re choosing the safest discounted shipping. With uShip, you can find low-cost shipping options that do not require sacrificing quality of service.

3 | Shipping & Delivery

After you have selected your transporter, contact them directly with any questions, concerns, or additional details you may have for your shipment. Coordinate with them to find a good place for pick up and delivery. Share any third party contact information that can help make the shipment run smooth. You’ll want to have payment available at the agreed upon time, and please let us know if you have any trouble contacting your carrier.

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How Much Does Shipping Cost?

uShip transporters are frequently looking for items along a single route, so your items could help fill their extra space. This means they can pass the savings on to you, providing you excellent service at a fraction of the price. For a closer look at how the uShip shipping process works, visit our cost to ship page. There, you'll get an inside look at shipping transactions completed through the uShip marketplace and get a feel for how we work.

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