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Cheapest Way to Move Long Distance

What is the Cheapest Way to Move Long Distance?

With  the average cost of moving interstate and using professional movers being pretty costly ($4,300 for 1,225 miles), looking for the best options to suit your needs can be a bit stressful. However, with uShip’s help, you can find the cheapest way to move long distance. Let’s explore the options:

  • Drive it yourself
    • While this is clearly the cheapest option, you will be responsible for packing and transporting your things. You’ll likely also need to rent a truck to fit all your belongings.
  • Use a container and hire a professional
    • This can be cost-effective, but you will be responsible for loading and unloading the container, keeping it safe before and after pick up, and finding the professional transport company.
  • Full-service moving company
    • While this option is the most hands-off for you, it’s also the most expensive.
  • uShip
    • With uShip, you can select the service you want at the lowest moving rates.
Service TypeCost RangeShipper
Drive it Yourself$500 – $1,000 High
Container$1,250 – $2,000 Medium
Moving Company
$4,300 Low
uShip$1,500 – $3,000 Low

uShip offers long-distance moving services and access to affordable long-distance moving companies.

How to Cut Costs on Long Distance Moving

There are always ways to save money. Finding the least expensive way to move long distance is a good start. However, there are ways to save along the way. Some of the best ways to save on long-distance moving include:

  • Lighten the Load: Since moving prices are dependant on weight or space, the fewer things you move, the more money you’ll save. Take an inventory of your belongings and see what you’re willing to part with. Have some fun with it by throwing a garage sale.
  • Seasonal moving: Save money by relocating outside peak seasons. See if you can arrange a move in the winter instead of summer.
  • Research/ Shop for Pricing: Do your research and get estimates from several long-distance movers. Take into account costs and services. You can learn more about the cost of moving long distance with uShip.
  • Plan Ahead: The more time you give yourself to plan for your move, the easier and cheaper it can be. For help in planning ahead, check out uShip’s Guide to Long Distance Moving.