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Delivery Quotes Online

Finding a delivery quote doesn’t have to be hard and manual. Using an online service for quotes is a fast solution to help you figure out your budget for shipping. uShip gets you personalized shipping quotes directly from carriers with maintaining your privacy.

Oftentimes, finding a delivery quote online goes through brokers or lead generating websites. This means your shipping needs and information is passed on to third party companies who contact you directly. You then need to go in and research these carriers on your own. Find out what kind of ratings and reviews they have received. Use that information along with the quote they provide to make your decision.

uShip Makes it Easy to Get Delivery Quotes Online

With uShip, you get delivery quotes online without your personal information being shared so your inbox and voicemail aren’t full, and you don’t have to dodge calls. Every interaction on uShip stays on the platform until you’re sure you want to work with a specific shipping company. There’s no sign up fee, so you’re getting your quotes for free.

All you have to do is create your shipment listing, detailing the needs of your shipment. Include as much information as possible about the item so the carriers know how to give you their best quotes. Then, the shipping companies will provide you with delivery quotes as they compete for your business, ensuring you get the lowest rates. Compare the companies directly on uShip by reviewing their carrier profiles. There, you’ll find their past shipments completed and the experience their customers had, ratings and reviews, and their company information. uShip is your one-stop-shop for free delivery quotes online.

uShip also provides additional support and protection for your shipping needs.

Check out these benefits you’ll only find with uShip:

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