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How to Choose a Vehicle Transporter

Shipping a car can seem like a mammoth undertaking for anyone without experience in the art of auto transport. Who do I hire? How much will it cost? Can I keep track of it the whole time? Is the driver trustworthy?

Worry not, shipping customer. uShip makes it easy to ship a car. Our online marketplace matches customers with feedback-rated service providers. So whether it’s a pristine classic car or just the family station wagon, the perfect partner for the job is waiting on uShip.
First things first before choosing a vehicle transporter…

Listing your vehicle:

The best way to find the right service provider for the job is to provide as much accurate information about the car and shipment as possible. Typically, if your vehicle is in factory stock condition, there aren’t any issues. However, modifications to the car, such as being lowered, spoilers or oversized tires, can be consequential in the vehicle’s transport. These are the sort of details the transporter must have in advance. Additionally, it’s important to specify whether the vehicle is driveable so the transporter can come fully prepared.

Pricing Methods:

uShip offers two pricing options. You can choose to book a rate instantly or test the market by getting competing quotes from vehicle haulers. The best one for you depends on your situation. In either case, you’ll be able to read providers’ profiles, including ratings, reviews, services offered, and cancellation history.

Instant Rates allow you to lock in a provider’s quote instantly; however, the pickup and/or delivery schedule will be based on truck availability around your time frame.

Competing Quotes may take a few days, but you’ll have greater control over your pickup and delivery schedule. Providers must accept uShip Payments as a payment method. Look for the yellow shield within the quote details. Quotes will come in throughout the duration of the listing, and carriers may post questions about the details of your shipment on your listing’s page. Answer any inquiries quickly – it may just save you some money to respond promptly.


Once you’ve gotten a set of rates to choose from – whether via individual quotes or instant rates – you’ll need to choose the right transporter. While the price will be a major factor in your decision, there are several aspects to consider:

Transport Type:

Is your vehicle ok being shipped uncovered, or do you require closed transport? Research ahead of time so you know what you’ll need from the transporter you choose.

Service Provider Qualifications:

Verify the DOT and MC numbers for transporters you’re considering. All auto transporters are required to be registered with the Department of Transportation and have an active Motor Carrier number. The numbers should be hyperlinked, allowing you to view them. These registered professionals ensure you’ll get the quality service you expect from a transporter, thanks to the standards these agencies enact.


Every carrier is required to carry insurance, but you should verify their coverage before you book with them; most service providers have their insurance information listed in their profiles. After booking, you should request written proof of coverage as well, and reputable transporters are happy to provide it. Double check your own insurance as well. Most household policies don’t cover a car in transit.

Check Feedback:

One of the most valuable elements of booking through uShip is the feedback provided by real customers just like you. See how the transporter has done in the past to get a clear picture of how they do business and handle issues. Be sure to leave feedback when your shipment is completed to help future customers as well.

Once you’ve reviewed your options, it’s time to make a choice. Consider the above items, as well as schedule and communication provisions for a comfortable, safe transaction. To accept a quote, just head to your shipment page and click the button by your preferred transporter to start the process. Once payment is secured, you’ll receive an email with your carrier’s contact information, their terms and conditions, and instructions for next steps. Typically, your transporter will contact you within a few hours.

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