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Why Logistics Veteran Mark Drasar Joined uShip’s In-Home Delivery Team

When it comes to finding the right candidate for an important role within a growing company, a truly perfect fit is more than most would ask for – but it’s exactly what Mark Drasar is to the uShip In-Home Delivery team.

This Spring, Mark joined uShip as senior manager of operations of the company’s In-Home Delivery team. While the In-Home Delivery solution is brand new, Mark is far from a rookie in the logistics arena. For more than two decades, he’s has worked in the logistics space, gaining indispensable firsthand experience across all corners of the industry.

Mark began his journey to logistics mastery with AirSea Packing, where he learned the business from the ground up, spending 15 years managing the company’s Paris office. Of course, AirSea Packing isn’t just any logistics firm – it’s a name synonymous with White Glove service – which aligns well with the level of unmatched customer service Mark has championed throughout his career.

During his tenure, Mark gained a deep understanding of every aspect of White Glove delivery. From handling and packing, to crating and routing, he worked closely with high-end interior design and architecture firms that needed to ship vintage and antique items across the globe without compromise.

Following his time in Paris, Mark brought his talents to the company’s NYC office, in a management role of its Domestic Department.

Finally, Mark set his sights on the South, moving into a leadership role with Axis Global Logistics in Houston, before taking over as Branch Manager of Operations at Intelligent Logistics in Austin.

The Perfect Fit

So, why depart the world of traditional logistics and head for the tech space? It just made good sense.

The changing landscape of the e-Commerce industry is catalyzing massive change in the logistics industry alike, as purchasing big and bulky items online becomes mainstream.

Retailers and logistics providers both are seeking ready-made solutions that seamlessly connect consumers and the furniture items they need delivered. The uShip solution does exactly this – connecting the old-school standard of room-of-choice delivery with a powerful tech stack that seamlessly integrates pricing and booking.

Mark’s extensive experience in logistics, specifically the White Glove sector, has made him a uniquely qualified leader in his new role. With decades of experience fueling his drive for top-notch customer experiences, we’re proud to know that uShip’s In-Home Delivery partners are in the best possible hands.

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