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Tally ‘Em Up: uShip Receives Fifth Top Austin Workplace Award

We uShippers are a proud bunch, but we’re not ones to toot our own horn. However, we’re pretty happy to let others do it for us. This month, we blushed a little upon finding out that – for the fifth time – uShip has been honored as one of Greater Austin’s Top Mid-sized Employers by the Austin American-Statesman.

Recognitions like these doesn’t come lightly in a city like Austin. A place that’s as overflowing with vibrant startups, cultures and companies makes for some pretty stiff competition when it comes to comparing employer quality. We feel pretty lucky to be part of the uShip team, and the Statesman award served as a welcome reminder to sit back and reflect on exactly what it is that makes uShip such an outstanding place to work.

The People

the people of uShip
Like any company, we’re only as good as the humans who power us. From the products we create to the culture we love so dearly, it would all be of zero consequence without the people who’ve helped establish, evolve and maintain the ‘Ship. But how do we find and keep the kind of people who keep up moving forward constantly?

Frankly, it’s a bit strategy, a bit heart and a bit gut instinct. Our Core Values exist to guide us not only in exploration of who we add to the team, but in our daily lives as well.

  • Collaboration – Around here, every voice matters. A collection of diverse experiences and perspectives is imperative to everything we do, which means everyone is empowered to make a difference.
  • Execution – We don’t just talk the talk – we walk the walk. When it comes to everything from living our core values to meeting and surpassing expectations, we deliver.
  • Innovation – “Good enough” isn’t a familiar concept around here. Our team is made up of relentless innovators – the kind of people who pursue fresh ideas and endless improvement, purely because we know we’re capable.
  • Grit –  You don’t get far without a hefty dose of determination, and our commitment to navigating adversity with resilience puts our grit to the test every day.
  • Integrity – We take the Golden Rule up a notch, making empathy, honesty, transparency and respect mandatory qualifications.
  • Authenticity – It’s not just about putting our values on display. It’s about genuinely holding and living these values in every aspect of our work.

The Place

It’s no secret that we’ve got the best team around. A slightly better kept secret? Our digs. If you’re local to Austin, you’ve probably driven by our distinctive building situated just across from the beautiful Lady Bird Lake. Of course, a passing glimpse doesn’t quite do justice to beautiful space we work in.

Beautiful, airy spaces flooded with natural light, scenic wooded views and rich, distinctive finishes taken from the space’s original construction are just a few of our favorite features.

uShip building

inside uShip

inside uShip

natural light inside uShip

uship backyard

The crowd favorite though? Lunch, of course. Every day, Executive Chef Ella Adams and Sous Chef Denise Dawson lovingly whip up delicious, balanced lunches (and breakfast on Friday) for the entire uShip team. Our state of the art industrial kitchen is decked out with everything they need to deliver creative new favorites, old classics and everything in between. Cult favorites include salmon day, grilled cheese and tomato soup, and 2018’s inaugural Taco Week.

A fresh new perk in 2018 was the addition of our very own miniature farm. In partnership with The Farm Project’s Lettuce Grow initiative, we added 18 hydroponic growing towers to our backyard. When harvest time comes around, Ella and Denise get to picking fresh-as-they-come varieties of lettuce, herbs and even edible flowers.


uship lettuce towers

uship lettuce towers costume
Some uShippers love their lettuce towers enough to dress up as them for our Halloween scavenger hunt.

While fresh daily lunches at offices aren’t a rarity these days, we feel pretty darn lucky to have access to chefs who champion hyper-local, hyper-fresh ingredients, and for those ingredients themselves. With store-bought lettuce typically traveling more than 1,500 miles before reaching a plate, having produce grown right here in our backyard means fresher, more delicious salads and meals, delivered in a sustainable way.


The Pups

Dogs of uShip

The dogs of uShip are as much a part of our culture as are the humans. While having a friendly head to scratch after a long meeting is a tried and true stress-buster, the part of our culture that welcomes dogs goes a bit deeper.

Our dog-friendly office isn’t dog friendly simply because dogs are fun – it’s dog-friendly because it’s people-friendly. We know that people operate best when they get to concentrate on the right stuff, and not worry about the rest. Bringing our best friends to work offers a two-fold benefit: nobody has to sit at home restlessly all day, and everybody gets to enjoy the company of a friendly, well-behaved canine friend. The dogs of uShip are part of a benefit that’s intangible, but one we think about a lot: employee happiness.

It’s why we’re committed to serving our community with charitable giving and volunteer efforts. It’s why so many of our job openings are filled internally. It’s why we provide a professional development budget to every single employee, every single year. It’s why we create flexible schedules for employees who need them. It’s why we host fun and creative events each and every month. It’s why we support more than a dozen different employee clubs and activities. And it’s why we’re consistently ranked one of Austin’s Best Places to Work.

With our core values at the helm, a crew of truly exceptional folks, a few pups for company and one very cool vessel, we’re enjoying every step of the journey.

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