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New uShip App: Easier Booking, Better Communication for Carriers

Remember when the iPhone was making its initial splash into our collective consciousness, being touted along with its App Store counterpart with the line “there’s an app for that”?

It’s hard to imagine whether those marketers knew just how true their tagline would ring for years to come. It’s true–whatever you want to do on your device–there’s an app to do it.

So we thought, why would booking shipments be any different? With the first release of the uShip app in 2010, we introduced shipping customers and carriers to a whole new way to book shipments, with the tap of a finger, on a mobile app designed specifically for what they needed to get done.

Our app has since evolved, and we’re thrilled to announce today that the carrier side of our mobile apps for iOS and Android have been revamped to be more powerful, efficient, and useful than ever.

The updated app makes it easier than ever to find and book shipments through uShip. The new app is more intuitive and features user-friendly updates that help you navigate the app without hassle.
You’re The Boss
In updating the uShip app, we carefully took into consideration the input we’ve received from our providers over the past several months. We solved many of the more commonly-heard issues and set out to make the app more carrier-centric than ever before. Every update we made was done with you in mind. After all, you (and the other thousands of carriers we serve) are the boss.

More Results, More Business
In the app, you’ll find better search options, which yield more results per screen. This means sorting through potential shipments is faster than before, with fewer screens to click through. Every step of the process has been streamlined to save you time, and get you business.
Streamlined View, Better Filters
Additionally, we organized all the shipments you’re currently watching, interested in, or submitting quotes for, in one place. Here, you’ll be able to view all your active and potential quotes easily. Plus, finding the right shipments has never been easier, thanks to category filters, which make selecting the category you want to browse effortless.

Clearer Communications, Cleaner Organization
We also updated the question and answer section of the app, to allow you to easily communicate with your customers about details, quotes and other important information.

Finally, keeping track of your active shipments is simple and straightforward. With shipment summary cards, you’ll have all pertinent information regarding a shipment you’ve won at a glance. No more navigating between screens to gather all your quote details.

One important note is that if you have Saved Searches in the previous version of the uShip app, you’ll need to log on to the desktop site to save them before updating the app. Once it updates, all existing saved searches in this version of the app will be deleted. However, by saving them on the desktop site, you’ll still maintain your Saved Search. Additionally, you can easily create new Saved Searches on the new app as well.

Ready to see some of the changes for yourself? Download or update your uShip mobile app now to see how easy finding and booking shipments can be.

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