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Introducing Exclusive Shipments: Select Carriers’ Connection to Fast-booking Business Shippers

When reliable business shippers and reputable carriers team up, everyone wins. Introducing a powerful new feature that will bring together the best of business shippers and the best carriers on uShip: Exclusive Shipments.

With this feature, partners can create curated lists of carriers and offer them exclusive access to their shipments. uShip partners are reliable online retail shippers who take their business seriously.

Exclusive Shipments groups can be created manually or automatically, via specific parameters set by each partner. The shipments listed by partners are reliable, ready-to-book, and often procured by experienced logistics teams, who ensure they’re accurate and detailed.

The Nuts and Bolts of Exclusive Shipments

When you’re added to a partner’s Exclusive Shipments group for the first time, you’ll receive a notification. From there, you’ll be able to filter for Exclusive Shipments within the “Find Shipments” tool. When you accept these shipments, you’ll see the specific partner’s requirements for carriers, and agree to the terms that partner has set. Because these are experienced, high-frequency shippers, most have exceptionally high standards and expectations, so carriers must acknowledge and meet these before carrying Exclusive Shipments.

If a carrier is in a partner’s group and their qualifications fall below the threshold set by the partner, they are removed from the group. This ensures that only the most highly-rated, reliable carriers are eligible.


Coming soon, select Instant Book partners will be able to choose top carriers and allow them to instantly book their shipments. When an eligible carrier accepts an offer, the booking happens automatically. No waiting necessary.

The Bottom Line

Exclusive Shipments pair consistent, high-volume business shippers with experienced, highly-rated carriers, on a continuous basis. Trusted shippers with trusted carriers — it’s what uShip’s all about, after all.

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