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‘Along a Route’ – It’s Back and Coming to a Shipment Near You

We’re pleased to announce the return of a favorite feature: Along a Route search for website users. While app users have enjoyed the feature all along, it’s just been revamped and powered up for the desktop and mobile web user.

Searching Along a Route

It’s simple: just toggle to “Along Route” mode when you search, and you’ll see a list of shipments directly on the route between your pickup and delivery points. This tool was designed to make it easier and faster to find relevant shipments on the route you’ll be taking anyway, reducing time-to-book for both you and your shipping customers.

A few things to remember:

  • You’ll need to enter a specific city or zip code in both the Pickup and Delivery fields, rather than a broader area or state. This ensures the shipments you find are truly along your route, rather than hours out of the way.
  • You’re able to create a Saved Search with Along a Route as a filter, meaning you can continuously receive notifications about shipments on a specific lane you drive frequently.

The feature is now active for all uShip users, worldwide.

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