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The 7 Most Wonderfully Weird Shipments of 2019

When you’re in the business of helping people ship big things, you’re bound to come across some uniquities worth writing home about. Here are seven of our favorite delightfully weird shipments that came through uShip in 2019.

1. Piggly Wiggly Costume

weird shipment piggly wiggly

Ok, we’ll admit: this was probably cute (or maybe funny?) at some point. But this 100-lb. Piggly Wiggly parade costume head looks just plain creepy through the 2019 lens. While we love a good costume, we’re pretty sure this guy would be a real ratings killer on The Masked Singer.

2. McDonald’s Playland Cheeseburger

This relic would fall into the category of “very vintage,” as it brings all the elements of a good vintage toy to the table: unsafe for kids, a strange face with bulging eyes, and a top hat!

3. Stuffed Mountain Lion

weird shipments taxidermy mountain lion

Taxidermy isn’t always necessarily weird, but we’d say this is a somewhat unusual specimen. The beast looks like it may just burst back into life at any moment, giving this shipment an extra dose of excitement every time you glance at it.

4. Wooly Rhino Skull

List of things we’ve learned today: 1. Wooly rhinos existed. 2. They haven’t existed for more than 10,000 years. 3. Everyday people can just own them and ship them. We’re seriously honored to have helped transport this ancient fossil.

5. Hand Crank Meat Slicer

We can’t help but wonder here; why did this piece move from Wyoming to New Jersey? Will the New Jersey owners use it on the daily in their painstakingly authentic old-timey restaurant setup? At home for a casual club sammy? As just an intimidating piece of art? So many possibilities, all of them…pretty weird.

6. Lifesize Papier-Mache Tiger

Ok, let’s read that one more time: it’s a lifesize, papier-mache tiger. This thing oozes with cool, and we’re pretty sure it ended up in some super chic living room, a la the Sheats-Goldstein house (see: The Big Lebowski) on brilliant display.

7. Star Trek Chair

Some lucky Trekky is sitting in the pinnacle of style these days after bringing this replica captain’s chair into their life. It’s safe to say this interactive throne stands apart from the recliners of the world.

These weird shipments sure made us scratch our heads, but we’re not done yet. Check out these other interesting journeys and shipments from the year: