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The 9 Coolest Vehicles Shipped This Year

This year, uShip users in the U.S. shipped more than 34,000 vehicles. Because the coolest vehicles aren’t always the most commonly shipped vehicles – which tend to fall toward the F-150s, Mustangs, BMW 3-Series and Jeep Wranglers of the world – we get a rush of excitement when we see something a little…different come through.

Throughout the year, we’ve tracked some of our favorite unique, strange, baffling and downright coolest vehicles shipped through our platform. From new to old and traditional to carnival, these 9 vehicles pack a personality punch.

1. 1954 GMC Charter Bus 

retro bus

This mid-century relic is full of old-world charm. While we can’t be sure, we’d like to imagine this beauty being restored into road-trip-ready home on wheels.

2. Sonic Carnival Ride

sonic carnival ride

Feeling adventurous? While it’s not a vehicle in the traditional sense, it’ll take you plenty far. Would you take a ride this thrill-mobile?

3. 1962 Vintage Airstream

airstream long journey
It’s hard not to love an Airstream. This beautiful specimen boasts more than 50 years of life on the road. We imagine that its new owners in Palm Springs have already had quite a few adventures in their chrome-plated chariot.

4. 1900 Steam Engine

1900 steam engine
One of the oldest vehicles ever shipped through uShip is this steam engine from the turn of the century. While it looks old fashioned now, it was advanced technology in its time, and part of a phase of innovation that would transform our whole world.

5. 2 Antique Cars (1929 Whippet 96A Rumble Seat Coupe  |  1927 Nash Standard Six Two-Door Sedan)

antique cars long journey

These two antique charmers traveled from Indiana to their new life in Texas. These beautiful vehicles are 90 and 92 years old respectively, but look pretty darn close to factory fresh.

6. Tiny Home Trailer

tiny home shipping
Good things come in – and on – small packages. This sleek, modern tiny home was loaded and shipped onto its custom-built trailer and sent from New York to Texas. While it’s a great concept, we’re not sure 15.5’x8.5’x13.5’ is quite enough living space for us.

7. Brewbike

brew bike long shipment journey

It’s quite literally a party on wheels; this “Brewbike” is propelled by several riders who get energy to peddle via built-in beer kegs. It traveled from California to Florida – 2,913 miles – a journey perhaps just a little too far to peddle with beer as the only fuel.

8. Scooter Sidecar

coolest vehicles scooter sidecar

Scooters are always cute – scooters with sidecars take it to a new level. This vintage-inspired Vespa sidecar looks like the perfect spot to stash your stuff or sidekick (we’d endorse the four-legged variety.)

9. Vintage Harley

coolest vehicles vintage harley

Now this is one truly cool motorcycle. As one of the earliest versions of a Harley we’ve ever come across, it’s pretty remarkable to see where this iconic American brand started.

There you have it – the absolute coolest vehicles we helped ship this year.  Got your own unique vehicle to ship?