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With the right knowledge and preparation, yacht shipping can be simple. Let uShip help relieve the stress of safe yacht shipping. We will help you get great shipping quotes from reliable yacht transport companies and give you some tips along the way. Should you need any help, contact us, and we’ll get you back on course to your yacht delivery.

The uShip marketplace is great for finding the best yacht transport companies at their best shipping rates. Create a shipment listing detailing your yacht and your shipping needs. Service providers who specialize in transporting yachts will then send you shipping rates for your review. You can talk to them directly and review their carrier profiles to be sure you’re working with the best.

Yacht sailing on an open sea with mountains in the distance


Compared to traditional methods of transportation, yacht transport is an alternative to sailing and motoring in order to reach more destinations. When deciding to transport your yacht, there are several options carriers can prove to you.

  • Overland Transport: Smaller yachts that only need to be transported smaller distances and domestically will use private or commercial trailers. Once the boat is big enough, commercial trailers are typically chosen. However, transport permits, trailer safety, proper preparation, and insurance coverage will be needed.
  • Deck Cargo: Yachts can be transported on a ship’s deck cargo. They are loaded directly from the shore or from the water via ship or shore cranes. Rigging can be left intact for conventional deck cargo.
  • Container Shipment: Transporting yachts via freight can be done if they meet container sizing restrictions. Usually needing de-rigging, yachts must be within 39 ft. x 7.5 ft. x 9.3ft to use container shipping as an alternative
  • Semi-submersible Ships (SSS): Created to move large project cargoes, semi-submersible ships have been adapted to accommodate yacht shipping.


Depending on size, mobility of the vessel, and dimensions, a yacht can be loaded for transportation in several different ways.

  • Roll on/off: The yacht is towed onto a cradle on the vessel or trailer that will then be parked on the deck. This is the most common yacht transport method.
  • Flat rack This method is suitable for larger yachts that can still be moved by road to the port. The yacht is lifted using a crane or forklift onto the cradle of the flat rack. This solution is generally chosen when roll on/off is unavailable.
  • Lift on/off: This method is for larger yachts that can not be moved via road to port. Instead, lifting slings from the transport vessel must grab the yacht from a parked location alongside the vessel. Divers will then secure the slings to the yacht, and the yacht will be lifted to a cradle on the vessel.
  • Float on/off: For larger yachts or superyachts, this method is the best option. The deck must install keelblocks and supports to attach the yacht to. The vessel will then submerge itself for yachts to be easily loaded on.


You should hire your yacht carrier and confirm pickup and drop-off dates at least two weeks in advance. After contracting with a boat transporter, you will need to prepare your yacht for shipment. This includes securing any loose items and taking precautions to avoid travel damage. Consult your preferred marina or boat yard for specific questions on how to prepare your boat for transport. Before you hand your yacht over to your movers, make sure you know what to expect from a boat transport service. You can rest assured that if you take the time to prepare your yacht and communicate with your yacht transporter, your vessel will arrive safely at its new destination.


Yachts docked at a marina

Transport your yacht in just three easy steps!


We suggest you begin the planning process for shipping your yacht at least a month before your ship date. This will give you enough time to research your options on boat trailers, choosing a yacht carrier, shopping for quotes, and how to best prepare your yacht for pickup. For international yacht shipping, you should provide more time for carriers to research quotes and to properly prepare for your yacht during the extended transport.

Consider your timeframe and locations for pickup and delivery and specify if your yacht will be on its own trailer or if you’ll need the service providers to get the yacht onto their trailer. Take some high-quality photos of your yacht and be ready with the dimensions, make, and model of your yacht. It is important to gather precise measurements when measuring your yacht to ensure proper transportation and eliminate costly fees. With this information, a yacht transporter can provide a quote for boat shipping that includes licenses and permits. Provide as much detail as possible in the shipment listing so the transporters can provide you their best rates.


When you have completed your shipment listing, you will start receiving shipping rates from service providers who specialize in yacht transportation. They’ll provide shipping rates through quotes on your listing as they compete for your business, ensuring you get the best shipping quotes. As the quotes come in, talk to the transporters directly. Ask them questions about their experience shipping yachts and what kind of service they can provide.

Every yacht transporter on uShip has a carrier profile with their transportation history, safety records, and customer rated feedback for your review. Make sure you check out their transport history to see if they have experience shipping a yacht like yours and see the experience their previous customers had with them. By talking to the service providers and reviewing their carrier profiles, you can feel confident you’re choosing the best yacht shipping company.

Yacht sailing in ocean
Sailboat in front of yacht in ocean by island


Once you have chosen your yacht transport company, contact them directly with any concerns, questions, or additional details you may have about your shipment. Provide any marina or third-party contact information to your transporter, as clear communication is the key to a successful shipment. If you have any issues communicating with your transporter, please let us know. We are here to help before, during, and after your yacht delivery is complete.

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The average cost to transport a yacht is around $1,000 for longer hauls and $500 for shorter distance transport. Whether you are shipping to another country, to another state, or just to a domestic port, large shipments can end up costing you a lot of money and time. Since yacht transport costs are dependent on quite a few things, it is pertinent that yacht owners be aware of all the factors that can affect final pricing.

  • Size of the yacht
  • Distance it’s moving
  • Destination
  • Seasonality
  • Reputation and relationship with carrier
  • Services needed for a safe shipment and delivery

To get a closer look into the different types of yacht transport, view our cost to ship a yacht page and get comfortable with the uShip boat shipping process. There you will find yacht transport prices from customers who have had yacht shipping previously done through the uShip marketplace and get a better idea of what your yacht transport may cost.

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