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How to Choose a Boat Trailer

Communicate with your service provider about boat transport trailer options, as they will need to know how you want your boat to be transported. You can have your boat transported on its own trailer, however most companies can provide one for you.

The price will be affected by how you choose to transport your boat.

  • Your Own Trailer: If you use your own trailer or cradle, you must take full responsibility of any damage or mishaps that may occur as a result of your trailer not being fit for transport. Be sure to inspect your trailer thoroughly, checking the securing devices, lights and tires. Note: It is suggested that wooden boats be transported in their own custom cradle, because these are made to spread the boat’s weight properly.
  • The Carrier’s Trailer: If using one of the transporter’s boat trailers, discuss with them any specific details they may need you to comply with. Provide your transporter with accurate dimensions of your boat. The transporter will also inform you about how they will load and unload your boat. Research and inform yourself about the different options of boat trailers there are, as you may end up picking one company over another based on the boat trailer transport they offer.