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There’s nothing quite like the peace of mind brought by a day on the water. But the hassle of getting your boat where it needs to be can interrupt that peace faster than you can say “Ahoy”! A little preparation, knowledge and help from boat shipping experts can keep your course set for smooth sailing. uShip is the first online shipping marketplace of it’s kind, so we’ve seen the best and the worst in boat shipping.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re transporting a boat  by land, sea, or air, to its new location, or whether you’re buying, selling, or moving your current boat. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to help you stay ahead of chaos and lead your boat shipping ventures to calmer seas.

Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the best way to ship a boat?

You can always go the DIY route if you have a truck with towing capabilities, but to ship a boat, no matter what kind, it helps get the job done right when you choose a reputable boat shipping company. They will handle the entire process, including loading your boat onto a trailer or into a shipping container, transporting it to the agreed destination, and safely unloading it.

What is the typical cost to ship a boat?

Typically uShip boat shippers can expect to pay $600 to $1000 for a long haul or $150 to $350 for a short trip, but the cost to ship a boat will depend on a number of factors, including the size and weight of your boat, the distance of travel during shipping, and the chosen mode of transportation.

FYI: An open trailer will cost less than an enclosed trailer.

How can a boat be shipped more sustainably?

Shipping anything can be the biggest factor in whether you’re supporting green initiatives or harming them. A couple of ways to think green while shipping big stuff:

  • Opt for a carrier that delivers first to last mile
  • Avoid storing extra items on your boat while it’s being towed
  • Work with carriers with smaller vehicles and trailers to reduce your carbon footprint

See uShip’s sustainability efforts on Terrapass. 

Is using a boat shipping company safe?

Boat shipping companies will do everything they can to ensure the safety of your boat during transport. However, life does happen. It is always a good idea to look into adding a protection plan so you can ship your boat with confidence. Don’t forget to check the company’s FMSCA numbers if available.

FYI: While researching boat shipping quotes on uShip, we recommend you research multiple boat shipping companies on our platform. Not every boat shipper is right for your exact shipment.

 What if I need to cancel my boat shipment?

Life happens, as long as your shipment hasn’t been picked up, you can cancel your shipment easily in your uShip account.

1. Log into your uShip account

2. Click on “My Shipments”

3. Find your shipment under the Assigned tab

4. Select “Cancel” from the drop down menu

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How long will it take to ship a boat?

The duration of boat shipping will depend on the distance of the transport and the mode of transportation. Boat shipping by land can take a few days to a week, while boat shipping by sea can take several weeks. Talk to your boat shipping company and make sure that you can both agree on your arrival time before you start shipping.

How can I prepare my boat for shipping?

There can be a lot to do to prepare a boat for shipping. Tasks might include cleaning your boat, removing any personal items, and disabling the battery. Ask your boat shipping company what they specifically require, and keep in mind that if you’re shipping your boat in cold weather, there may be additional steps.

 Is it possible to ship my boat overseas/internationally?

Yes, it is possible to ship a boat overseas and internationally. The boat will need to be placed in a shipping container and transported by cargo ship or plane.

What’s the difference between a ship and a boat?

 There are a few main factors to consider when telling the difference;


Ships are generally much larger than boats

While there is no strict definition of what constitutes a ship or a boat, ships are generally considered to be much larger vessels, often with a displacement of at least 500 tons. Boats, on the other hand, are usually smaller with a wider variety of sizes.


Ships are designed for a wide variety of purposes

These purposes include transportation of goods and people, naval warfare, and research. Boats, on the other hand, are usually designed for more specific purposes, such as fishing, leisure, or water sports.


Ships are often built with more complex structures than boats

With multiple decks and compartments for different purposes. Boats are generally simpler in structure, with a single deck and fewer compartments.


Ships are typically propelled by large engines

A ship usually runs on either diesel or steam, while boats may be powered by smaller engines or even by oars or sails.


Ships usually have a larger crew

 Often numbering in the hundreds, while boats may have just a few crew members or even none at all (in the case of small boats that are propelled by oars or sails).

How can I use uShip to help with shipping my boat?

All you need to do to find reliable boat shipping companies is to create a free listing on From there on out carriers will send you quotes for you to compare to find the best price from a company with great reviews.

Get your boat to where you can enjoy it quickly, safely, and at a price that works for you with uShip boat shipping.

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