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uShip Brings Full Truckload Rates to You

It can be overwhelming when you have one, two, or more full truckloads to ship. Whether you have your own containers, or you need a container to fill, going through uShip can make the whole process easy. We'll help you get quotes from qualified freight shipping companies, and help you with tips and tricks along the way. Should you need any assistance, let us know and we'll help you get back on the road to your full truckload (FTL) delivery.

Our marketplace is designed to help you find the best rates from the best transporters. Create your listing with as much detail as possible, and FTL shipping companies will send you quotes for your review. Talk to the service providers directly and review their profile so you can feel confident you're working with the best.

How to Ship Full Truckload Freight

Full truckload freight shipping is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1 | Create Your Shipment Listing

First, consider your needs for your shipment. Think about your timeframe for pick up and delivery, and whether you'll require a container or have one yourself. Be prepared with the dimensions and weight of your freight, and include as much detail as possible. Take a few high quality photos of your shipment to add to the listing. Shipment listings with photos tend to receive more quotes.

Woman with pallet jack in warehouse
Freight truck driving in the mountains

2 | Choose the Best Full Truckload Shipping Service

When your shipment listing is complete, quotes from freight shipping companies will start coming in. The service providers will be competing for your business, so you know you're getting the best FTL shipping quotes. Ask the companies questions directly to find out more about their services and their experience with shipping freight like yours.

Review the companies by researching their carrier profiles. There, you'll find their transportation history, customer rated feedback, licensing, and insurance details. uShip makes it easy to check freight carrier and freight broker authority, insurance, and references in the form of feedback left by prior customers. Spend some time reviewing what their customers had to say about their experience with the FTL shipping companies so you know what to expect. Check into their cargo insurance coverage, and investigate purchasing additional cargo insurance through uShip. By talking to the companies directly, and reviewing their carrier profiles, you can feel confident you're choosing the best full truckload shipping service.

3 | FTL Shipping & Delivery

After you have chosen your FTL shipping company, contact them directly with any additional information, concerns, or questions you may have about your shipment. Communication is key to a successful shipment. Share any third party contact information that may be useful, as well as any information you have regarding special services needed at pick up and delivery locations. Coordinate with your service provider through pick up and delivery, and contact us if you run into any issues communicating directly with your FTL transporter.

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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Full Truckload?

The cost to ship a full truckload depends on the size of the shipment, the distance from pick up to delivery, and any special services required for a safe shipping experience. For a better idea of what it costs to ship a full truckload, visit our cost to ship freight page, where you can see hundreds of FTL shipments completed through the uShip marketplace and get a feel for how we work.

Case Studies


National LED Light Producer Illumitex Saves 28% on Shipping with Switch to uShip: Illumitex switched its outbound LTL Shipments over to uShip and saved an average of $100 per shipment. Transparent pricing and detailed invoicing from uShip gave it confidence in its transition.

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Illumitex pink LED lighting
Sports bikes in warehouse

Cranky Ape

Cranky Ape Cuts Overhead in Half After Turning to uShip: CrankyApe needed a cheaper option to ship RVs, powersport, and marine units and equipment to and from its regional warehouses. After testing out the uShip platform for a month, it switched to uShip full-time to source its carriers. By establishing a network of reliable carriers with competitive pricing through uShip, CrankyApe has been able to cut its company fleet by 50%.

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Fusion3 was frustrated by the increasingly expensive, fixed shipping costs for its 3D printers. Through an online search for better options, it discovered uShip. The cherry on top: significantly reduced back-and-forth communication to set up shipments.

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Fusion3 3D printer

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How to Prepare Freight for Shipping

Before your carrier arrives, prepare your freight shipment. There are specific packaging and labeling requirements for pallet shipping. Make sure to follow your hauler's instructions exactly to protect your shipment from damage. If you're shipping a piece of machinery or an auto or boat part, you should fully crate it. Most pallet shipping companies won't pick up items such as transmissions or motors if they aren't crated. If you're shipping other commercial goods, avoid damage by making sure it doesn't hang over the sides of the pallet. Make sure it's firmly secured to the pallet. We highly recommend using shrink wrap.

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