Safe Shipping Guide
Contact Information on uShip – Protect Yourself, Book Online

If a service provider tries to contact you directly before booking is complete, either by posting their contact information or asking for yours, they are violating the uShip User Agreement. You should take steps to protect yourself from possible fraud:

  • Flag the content that includes contact information.
  • Do not contact the service provider directly or provide your contact information.
  • Only book services by accepting a quote on the uShip site.

By completing your transaction on the uShip site, you enjoy the following benefits:

uShip Support

uShip’s Member Support team can answer questions and help with any issues should they arise. The team also includes dedicated Fraud Prevention specialists who regularly monitor the site for fraudulent activity. Read about Fraud Prevention.


When you complete a transaction through the uShip site, you are able to leave feedback about your shipping experience. This helps future customers to evaluate service providers and contributes to accountability and transparency on the uShip site.

User Agreement

All service providers and brokers who conduct business on the uShip site are bound by the uShip User Agreement. This protects you from certain types of fraud and ensures that service providers and brokers are held accountable to uShip standards. Read the User Agreement.

Ship with Confidence Guarantee

In the event that you make a payment to a uShip service provider and services are not rendered, if you have followed our Fraud Prevention guidelines, you may be eligible for a reimbursement up to $500. Learn more

Shipment Tracking

uShip has a suite of tools that enable service providers and brokers to easily update the location and status of customer shipments. This gives you added peace of mind while your items are in transit. Learn more

The uShip Community, Trust & Safety Team reviews every piece of content flagged by uShip members.