Safe Shipping Guide
uShip's Role in Shipping

To create an efficient and safe venue to find moving and transport companies, uShip has created a single source of information as well as various tools that empower customers in their research and understanding of the cumbersome, frustrating and often expensive shipping process.

Here are 5 ways uShip is different:
  1. Resources for Evaluating Moving and Transport Companies
    Other online and offline resources for finding moving and transport companies certainly exist – a search on Google, Craigslist, the Yellow Pages, bulletin boards and more – and third-party information, including government websites that allow you to view compliance data, are available elsewhere for people to do their own research. And some sites, such as, also provide customer reviews; however, a fee is charged just to read those reviews. uShip’s service is entirely free until a quote is formally accepted.

    uShip is unique in that it provides a combination of external and internal resources, including government compliance data, carrier profiles, past reviews, feedback scores (similar to eBay) and transactional history on the site itself. By bringing all these various pieces together, uShip makes it easier to do your due diligence and come to an informed decision.
  2. Fraud Detections and Prevention
    Regardless of which method(s) you use to find a transporter, it may open you up to potential fraud. In addition to real customer feedback, uShip has a sophisticated, 15-point fraud detection system. While uShip keeps the details of this system proprietary, a member of the Fraud Prevention and Support Team is alerted whenever a particular fraud point is triggered.

    While fraud and scams have occurred on uShip, they represent less than 1/10 of 1% of the transactions on the site; and when detected, the Trust & Safety Team suspends any transporter who remotely engages in this type of activity. In fact, as the uShip fraud prevention team and system is alerted to potential fraud, both become wiser to potential issues.

    The Community, Trust & Safety Team fully cooperates with agencies and law enforcement who request assistance in fraudulent cases; however, as a neutral venue, uShip cannot contact law enforcement. All of these features make uShip one of the safest ways to find a mover, and almost certainly safer than other outlets.
  3. “Ship with Confidence” Guarantee
    Fraud is so rare on uShip that we are able to protect our members from most types of fraud with our “Ship with Confidence” Guarantee – which automatically covers each and every transaction on uShip up to $500. Since launching our Guarantee two years ago, users have done over $150 million of business, and we’ve only had a handful of claims. Of course, as in any online transaction, it is extremely important that users take basic steps to protect themselves (as outlined in our Fraud Prevention Guidelines).
  4. Feedback System
    uShip’s unbiased feedback system is unique in an industry that has previously lacked accountability and transparency. Similar to eBay, uShip has a feedback system for rating all members based on past performance. Positive, negative and neutral reviews are calculated into a single feedback score and percentage of positive feedback. Additionally, uShip provides a breakdown of a transporter’s tendencies with customer communications, care of goods, punctuality and if services were as described. These factors are calculated and averaged over the past 12 months and housed in an easy-to-read format on the member’s profile page on uShip. People can also read about other customers’ experiences on uShip through our stories page, as well as on Facebook.
  5. Transparent Pricing
    One unique feature on uShip is our shipment pricing system. Transporters submit competing quotes to win your business. When they compete to fill the extra space in their trucks, you are provided with the best possible prices. This reverse-auction quoting system saves customers an average of 40-50% on their delivery costs.
Feedback Fact:
Customers have left over 26,000 stories on uShip and uShip’s Facebook page.