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Pool Table Transport

Moving a pool table takes experience, skill, and special care. The combination of heavy and delicate components could lead to permanent and expensive damage. If you are shipping a pool table from your business, or you just sold your table online and need to get it to the buyer, you want the pool table to arrive in the same condition it's in when it leaves. Finding the best carrier at an affordable price can be difficult. A lot of work goes into moving a pool table whether you're moving it on your own or you're hiring professionals.

You want to be sure that the right amount of care, expertise, and professionalism go into moving your billiards table. Research carriers that specialize in transporting pool tables, then compare them based on services and rates. You'll also want to talk to them and get a feel for their communication, support, and experience. With uShip, you can get all of these accomplished in one place. Find, compare, and select your carrier conveniently.

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Two women playing pool in a pool hall

Pool Table Terminology

  • Rail: The padded walls of a pool table’s surface.
  • Cabinet: Another name for the frame and legs of a pool table.
  • Slate: The playing surface of a pool table is generally made from slate. Pool tables will contain 1, 2 or 3 pieces of slate. Most home pool tables are made with 2 and 3 piece. Pool tables in bars or arcades are usually made with 1 piece.

Moving a Pool Table Around the House

First, find a friend or two to help you out. Then, get four wooden dollies, one for each leg of the table. Place the dollies by each leg of the pool table and clean the area around the pool table, so your dollies don't get stuck on anything. Lift one end of the pool table and slide the dollies under each leg. Be sure to lift with your legs to prevent back injury. Once the dollies are under the first two legs, lock the wheels to keep the pool table in place as you lift the other end and repeat the process of placing the dollies under the other two legs. When every leg has a dolly underneath, unlock the wheels and prepare to push the pool table to its new location in your home. Once in place, lock the wheels on one side, lift the other and slide the dollies out from under the pool table. Unlock the wheels and repeat the process, placing your pool table in its new location.

Pool balls racked
Four people playing pool in a bar

Disassembling Your Pool Table for Transport

First, find a carrier whose experience and shipping quote works for you. Once you have done this, help the transport process go smoothly by disassembling the pool table. Remove the pockets by prying the staples out. Then detach the rails by removing bolts with a socket wrench. Next you will free the felt. Carefully pull glued felt backwards (not upwards or forwards), or remove staples as necessary. You'll then separate the slate from the table by removing the screws holding it in place. Be sure you put the screws in a plastic bag or container so you don't lose them. Set the slate aside as you remove the legs. Many service providers will be able to disassemble your pool table for you.

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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Pool Table?

The cost of shipping a pool table depends on the distance from pick up to delivery, the size, and weight of the table. On average, it costs $3.08 per mile to move a pool table less than 100 miles, and costs $0.98 per mile to ship a pool table less than 1000 miles.

For a better idea of what your pool table shipping may cost, visit our cost to ship pool tables page. There, you will get a better idea of how we work, and see pool table shipments completed through the uShip marketplace.

Using uShip to Move Your Pool Table

Finding pool table movers is easy with uShip. We have all you need in one place. Free quotes from carriers, ratings and reviews, and book your pool table transport directly on the uShip site. First, create your pool table shipment listing, detailing all of your needs. When you complete your shipment listing, you will start receiving quotes from pool table movers as they compete for your business. Compare their uShip carrier profiles, and talk to them directly to get an idea of who they are and what services they offer. Once you have found a carrier whose price and service works for you, accept their bid and you are on your way to your pool table delivery.

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