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Transporting a Pool Table from Craigslist

Much like a piano, a pool table is very difficult to disassemble and move without the help of a professional. While it is possible to do it yourself, it can be very dangerous, and it is easy to cause damage if you lack proper knowledge and expertise. A professional pool table mover will know which pieces to remove and how to move the table carefully to avoid damaging the slate, which will likely be more expensive to replace than the cost of a used pool table on Craigslist. A pool table will also need to be leveled and recalibrated when it arrives in your home, which is usually taken care of by a pool table moving company. Click here for our full guide on how to safely transport a pool table.

Work with your Seller

Your Craigslist seller should understand that you will need to hire professionals, and they will need access to the pool table in order to take it apart and transport it. Make sure you coordinate with the seller and set up a time when the movers can come in and have the time and space to work.

Consider the Risks | Find Pool Table Shipping Experts

While moving the pool table can save you money in the short term, you risk causing damage to yourself, your pool table or your home by not hiring professional pool table movers. In addition, all licensed moving companies are required to be insured, and in the unfortunate event of your table being damaged, the insurance company should cover the cost of repairs.