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How to Move a Pool Table

Pool tables are large yet delicate pieces of furniture that can be difficult to move. You can do it on your own, but the job is best left to professionals who know how to move a pool table with proper care.

Useful Pool Table Terminology

  • Rail: The padded walls of a pool table’s surface.
  • Cabinet: Another name for the frame and legs of a pool table.
  • Slate: The playing surface of a pool table is generally made from slate. Pool tables will contain 1, 2 or 3 pieces of slate. Most home pool tables are made with 2 and 3 piece. Pool tables in bars or arcades are usually made with 1 piece.

Pool table moving tips

If you decide to move a pool table on your own, do so at your own caution! Have a few helpers who are able to lift heavy objects. When transporting the slate pieces, do so vertically. Take special caution not to scratch walls and doorways.

The best way to move a pool table is by disassembling it. The separate pieces will be lighter and easier to move. Moreover, moving the pool table in once piece increases the risk of cracking the slate, which is usually screwed into the cabinet. Slate is replaceable, but usually sold in sets at a high cost, possibly more than you would pay for a used table! Take precautions when disassembling the pool table, so that you can reassemble it with ease. Store any small pieces or screws in a small bag. Label pieces so you know where they go later on. The process of disassembling can be easy. First, remove the rails and slate. Removing the legs from the cabinet may ease transport, too.

While it is possible to move a pool table on your own, hiring pros to reassemble it may be a good option, since proper set up ensures no damage to the table and enjoyment from a level table.