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Old Dominion Freight Line is a world-class LTL carrier with a track record to prove it. Old Dominion has won dozens of awards such as the Mastio Quality Award, U.S. EPS SmartWay Excellence Award, and Inbound Logistics’ Top 100 Truckers Award. In addition, Old Dominion is the official freight carrier of Major League Baseball. That said, sometimes it can be a challenge to get an affordable Old Dominion Freight quote if you’re not shipping a specific number of pallets per month.


LTL carriers calculate freight rates based on volume. The more freight a business ships per month, the greater the discount it receives. As a result, low-volume business shippers tend to routinely dish out more cash to transport freight.



uShip is proud to offer an affordable Old Dominion freight quote to any business regardless of volume. In fact, uShip saves most businesses up to 85% on direct carrier rates.


Not only do you get fantastic rates from a top LTL freight carrier, but you also get incredible benefits for your business. For example, when you book freight on uShip, you are backed by a full team of experts. Other benefits that a business can expect from uShip are:

  • Rebill Protection: uShip audits your invoice to ensure no mistakes were made. In addition, if you do not agree with an additional charge, we will assist you in disputing it with Old Dominion directly.
  • Load Your Own Rates: If you have your own rates with other carriers like Old Dominion, feel free to upload them to your uShip portal. By doing this, you can compare your contract rates against ours, all in one place. Thus, eliminating bouncing around various freight websites for quotes.
  • Customer Specific Rates: If we notice that you’re shipping an adequate amount of volume, we can offer account-specific pricing.
  • Referral Program: Do you know of other businesses in need of LTL shipping services? If so, refer them to experience uShip and you’ll receive shipment credits and other rewards in return.
  • Protection: Did you know that LTL pickups do not automatically come with full coverage protection? uShip fills protection gaps and offers the option to purchase a protection plan for select shipments.
  • Account Management: Frequent shippers can enjoy the benefits of having their own account manager here at uShip.


The best part about using uShip to schedule a Old Dominion Freight pickup is the ability to compare rates from other carriers. When you obtain a uShip LTL quote, you receive quotes from other freight companies that can accommodate your specific needs as well. By comparing the rates of other freight companies, you can guarantee you are getting the best price possible.


Instantly schedule a Old Dominion Freight pickup online with uShip. If you have any questions about obtaining rates, feel free to contact us. We have a knowledgeable freight team available to answer all of your questions.

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