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Cheapest Way to Ship Furniture Across the Country

The cheapest ways to ship furniture across the country are:

  • Renting a Truck or Trailer
  • Train Freight
  • Plane Freight
  • Bus Freight
  • LTL Freight

That said, the price of shipping furniture across the country may rely on more than just the destination and distance. In fact, what may be cheaper for one person may not be cheaper for the next.

There are many variables to consider that can influence the cost of furniture shipping:

  • Weight: Large items and boxes may exceed carrier limits, heavy items may require additional equipment, and some carriers may charge by the pound.
  • Value: It may not be worth paying to ship your used furnishings; selling your furniture and buying new may be a better option for you.
  • Item size: Sizable items, such as a bulky sectional sofa, may require professional assistance to move.
  • Distance: As a general rule, the further your furniture has to travel, the higher the cost of transporting it.

Rent a Truck or Trailer

While renting a truck or trailer can be very low-cost upfront, it does require more personal effort and potential additional costs that can quickly add up. Expenses commonly ignored are:

  • Food and Lodging: If your move requires multiple days of travel you will need food and a place to sleep for the night.
  • Vehicle part rentals: You may need to rent additional parts for your furniture move such as a tow hitch for your trailer or a car tow dolly for your truck.
  • Additional miles: If you opt to rent a truck, know that rental companies charge per mile once you have exceeded the maximum mileage allotted on your rental agreement.
  • Insurance: It is your responsibility to cover the cost of any damage to your rental.
  • Additional equipment: Your furniture move may require additional equipment such as moving pads, tie-down straps, and furniture dollies.

All things considered, renting a truck or trailer is a cheap option if you don’t have many items to move very far. Otherwise, it would be best to explore alternative shipping methods if you are looking for the cheapest way to ship furniture cross country.

Trains, Planes, and Buses

Buses can transport furniture boxes, but they must comply with strict size and weight restrictions. If your piece weighs less than 150 lbs, this may be the cheapest way to ship a single piece of furniture long distance. If not, you may want to seek other modes of transportation as the costs can be significantly higher.

Trains and planes have additional limitations and restrictions that can cause the cost of shipping furniture to skyrocket. For instance, larger pieces may require you to register as a TSA-known approved shipper. Also, you will need to get the item to and from the train station or airport, adding even more costs. Given these points, there are cheaper shipping methods available to move your furniture.

LTL Shipping

LTL freight is the cheapest way to ship furniture to another state. Less than truckload, or LTL, is cheaper because multiple shipments can be placed in a single trailer going in a similar direction. It is important to note that this is an economical shipping option and transit times tend to be slower.

LTL freight is subject to being unloaded and repacked into different trailers at various terminals along the shipping journey. This ensures that all freight is going to the right place. For this reason, packaging your LTL shipment properly to avoid damage is very important.

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