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There’s nothing like listening to your favorite music on a vintage record player. With a sound warmer than Texas in July, it’s no surprise that they’ve been making a comeback over the past decade.

Not only are record consoles an optimal way to listen to music, but they are also the perfect statement piece for any art deco or mid-century vibe. And the good news is that you can find affordable consoles all over the place; they just may require a little TLC. If restoring a record player scares you, check out these cool upcycled furniture shops on Etsy.

Whether you’re transporting a record console you found on the internet, or if you’re moving households and need to take it with you, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, you’ll learn how to pack and transport your console, turnable, or vinyl record collection to ensure it all arrives in its original condition.

Transporting a Record Player

When shipping a record player console, the most important thing is protecting its fragile components from damage. Most consoles available on today’s market were built in the late 50s; their wiring, speakers, turntable, and other crucial elements can easily become faulty due to intense movement during transport. That said, there are plenty of actions you can take to reduce and eliminate any damage to your console or turntable.

To properly transport a record player, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Remove Loose Items: Remove any items from the console, including records, debris, or anything else that may damage or become damaged during the move. 
  2. Remove Legs: If you can, remove the legs of the console to avoid them being scuffed during transport. 
  3. Add Corner Protection: Use cardboard pieces to cover the corners of your console. 
  4. Wrap in Protective Material: Use bubble wrap or moving blankets (preferred) to wrap your console for an extra layer of protection. 

You can also crate your record console or opt for white glove services for the ultimate protection. Lastly, it’s very important not to place any kind of tape directly on the surface of your console as it will damage the wood. 

Cost to Ship a Record Player Console

The cost of shipping a record player costs anywhere from $100 to $2,000. That said, the price for transporting a record player is heavily dependent on multiple factors. Those factors are:

  • The distance required for shipping
  • Gas prices 
  • Size and weight
  • Carrier availability
  • Seasonality 

To see how much it might cost to ship your record player, please see our cost-to-ship index. Here, you can see what others have paid to ship similar items to yours. 

Transporting a Turntable 

Turntables are much easier to transport compared to an entire console. The main thing to worry about with a turntable is to make sure that you properly pack it to avoid any costly damage. To transport a turntable, follow these simple steps:

  1. Measure: Use a tape measure to find the dimensions of your turntable. 
  2. Secure Dust Cover: If you can, use a large rubber band or small piece of tape to secure the dust cover in place.
  3. Source Box: Based on your measurements, source an appropriate-sized box for transport. You’ll want about an inch or so of room on all four sides for packing material. 
  4. Add Layer of Packing Material: Add a layer of crumbled newspaper, packing peanuts, or packing foam to the box. Use just enough to fill 1/4th of the box. 
  5. Add Turntable to Box: Slowly place your turntable inside the box.
  6. Add New Layer of Packing Material: Fill the remaining space in the box with your packing material. 
  7. Tape Box Shut and Label: Use packing tape to secure the box shut and label as needed with a permanent marker. 

How to Pack Vinyl Records 

If you’re moving any type of record player, chances are you’ll have a collection of vinyl to go with it. Don’t waste your investment; take the proper steps to pack these too. The last thing you want to happen is to open a box of warped or cracked records after your move. To properly pack your records, see the video below:

Additionally, visit the Vinyl Frontier to learn more about packing and shipping your record collection.

Record Console VS. Turntable 

While record player consoles and turntables both play vinyl discs, they differ quite a bit in functionality and how they are used. 

A record console is essentially an all-in-one entertainment center for playing vinyl records. They are typically crafted of solid wood and include a place to store your record collection, a turntable, a radio, and wired speakers with an amplifier. Record consoles are usually vintage and were produced between the 60s up to the late 70s. That said, you can find later models, but they won’t sound as nice. 

A turntable is the standalone unit that actually plays records within a console. A turntable comes without speakers, vinyl storage, a radio, or an amplifier. To use a turntable, you’ll need to purchase your own set of speakers. And if the speakers are not powered, you would need to purchase an amplifier to power the system. Turntables are very portable, which makes them popular with DJs.