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How to Transport a Gun Safe

Buying a safe online, moving, or inheriting a safe from a friend or family member, you may need to find a way to ship a gun safe. This is not your average shipment. As a result, you can easily find yourself stumped when you need to find a shipping solution.

Large safes, often gun safes, are common household items. They hold jewelry, important documents, and of course, guns. Large safes are child-proof and often fire-proof. These aspects make gun safes an added security measure for your home and family.

This guide will outline how to ship a gun safe safely and how to easily find gun safe movers.

When to Consider Hiring Gun Safe Movers

  • Moving a safe state to state or cross country:
  • When moving long distances, you may consider buying a new safe in your new city. Perhaps putting your current gun safe on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. If you move the gun safe along with your household, make sure the moving company or truck you’ve rented can handle transporting a gun safe. Keep in mind there are expert transporters who specialize in moving all sizes of gun safes long distances. These carriers often provide in-home delivery where they will place the safe in your room-of-choice.
  • Selling or purchasing a gun safe online:

  • If you’ve bought or sold a safe online, it’s a good time to look into shipping solutions for gun safes. Larger gun safe manufacturers or national stores will likely have a direct connection to a transporter. However, buying a used safe or buying from a small business can create a need for you to look for a gun safe mover.

  • Getting a safe to or from a family member or friend:
  • When a friend or family member upgrades their gun safe, you can easily find yourself on the receiving end of a new-to-you safe for your home. Hiring a gun safe shipping expert ensures transportation, pickup, and delivery all go smoothly.

How to Transport a Gun Safe

  1. Empty the safe. Transporting the safe with your valuables, guns, ammunition, etc. inside, is a safety hazard, even if everything is secured. If you need to transport guns and ammunition, read up on federal and state regulations.
  2. Close and secure the doors to the safe. Double-check the doors are securely closed. This will help avoid any injury or damage while loading, unloading, or during transit.
  3. Prepare the gun safe for moving. Check with your transporter first as they may offer packaging or protection, like blanket-wrap services. You can crate the safe, use bubble wrap, and cardboard boxes to prevent scratches along the way.
  4. Prepare your home for pickup or delivery. Whether your home is the pickup or delivery location, you’ll want to clear a path to make it easy for the gun safe movers to get the safe to or from its location in your home.

Using uShip to Transport a Gun Safe

uShip has been making it easy to move big things since 2002, and gun safes are no different. Simply create your shipment listing for your safe, get affordable, competitive quotes from carriers who specialize in hauling gun safes, review the carriers and quotes, choose who you want to work with, and you’re ready for pickup and delivery.

Gun safe movers on uShip are often looking to fill their truck, or make some extra money on a trip home from a delivery. This ensures you get their cheapest, most affordable rates. Be sure to specify the dimensions and weight of your safe in your listing to avoid the sticky situation of a carrier who can’t fit your gun safe on their truck.