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How to Find White Glove Delivery Jobs on uShip

It can be difficult to find white glove delivery jobs without an existing agreement with a high end retailer. Recently, hand made furniture, antique resale, and custom built or designed pieces are being made available for purchase online. Many of these small businesses are finding their shipping services on uShip. uShip’s shipping marketplace makes it easy for you to find available high value shipments across the country.

How uShip Helps You Find White Glove Delivery Jobs

  • Free White Glove Load Board: When customers create their shipment listings, they appear directly in our load board (Find Shipments). Access to uShip’s load board is free – no monthly fees or subscriptions. We don’t charge anything until a transaction fee when you find specialty shipping work.
  • Easily Find Your Ideal White Glove Jobs: You can look through these listings and filter them by location, pickup and delivery times, and more to find the perfect specialty shipping job for you. Set up a ‘Saved Search‘, based on your filter, to be notified of when new high-end shipments are listed.
  • Set Your Own Terms For Your Own Service: Create your own route by finding available specialty shipments along your lane of choice. Set your own rates when you place a bid on a shipment listing. As it is an open marketplace, you may be competing with other specialty movers, but when it comes to a high-value shipment – your profile and customer feedback will be reviewed as much or more than your quote.
  • Free Marketing for Your White Glove Delivery Service: That’s right, with your uShip carrier profile, customers will be able to find you through Google, and other internet searches. Customers will provide ratings and reviews on your white glove delivery job, once completed. This is a great way to gain notoriety in the uShip community – and win more work on uShip.
  • Manage Your Specialty Transport Business in One Place: uShip can be used as your one stop shop for your business. Source white glove delivery jobs, monitor booked shipments in progress, review your completed jobs, and find all your transactions all on uShip.
  • Secure Payments: Upon delivery, your customer can transfer their payment directly to your uShip account with the touch of a button. From there, it’s easy to move those funds directly to your bank account.

Register with uShip and start finding white glove delivery jobs today. Learn more about carrier tools, secure payments, and more.