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How to Find Pet Transport Jobs on uShip

More and more often, people are going online or using apps like Petfinder to find their new pets. There is a growing need for cat and dog transport experts. Just as they go online to find their new furry family member, people are finding any necessary pet shipping services online as well. uShip makes it easy for carriers to find pet transport jobs with the click of a button.

Why Pet Transporters Are Using uShip to Find Work

  • Find Pets Needing Transport Today: uShip’s shipping marketplace acts as a pet transport load board. Every day, hundreds of available pet shipping jobs are posted on uShip.
  • Free Pet Transport Load Board: Many load boards charge a sign up or subscription fee. Not uShip. We want you to get work and only charge a transaction fee when you win a pet shipping job.
  • Work Around Your Schedule: Pet transporters can easily find jobs for pickup when you want to work. You can also create your own lanes and find additional dogs and cats for transport along the way to add to your revenue.
  • Direct Communication with Rescues, Breeders, and Forever Homes: Pet transport listings on uShip are being created by the people or service who need transporters. Information like breed, pickup and delivery locations and times, pet’s size and name, and whether they are coming with a kennel or need one are all on the listing. With uShip’s Question & Answer section on the listing, you can communicate directly with the shipping customer to find out more so you can provide the best service.
  • Manage Your Pet Transport Business in One Place: Create saved searches for jobs based on location, pickup and delivery dates, type of pet, and more. Easily check in on listings where you have an active quote for transport, and review your booked listings. You can also see all of your transactions in one place, making it easy to see your income. Market your pet transport service with uShip’s carrier profile, and get ratings and reviews from your customers after every completed delivery.
  • Set Your Own Pet Transport Rates: uShip’s shipping marketplace allows transporters to provide quotes directly to the customer. Sometimes, multiple pet transporters will quote on the same listing. While price comes into play, your profile and customer feedback will provide more important information as the customer makes a decision.

Tips for Pet Transporters

If you are transporting a pet across state lines, the pet owner should provide several documents for you. When you are bidding on their shipment, you may consider asking if they have the following:

  • A health certificate from the vet.
  • Certificate of rabies vaccination.

You may also want to ask the customer if their dog is current on vaccines against distemper, hepatitis, leptospriosis, Bordetella and Lyme disease – especially if you are planning on transporting more than one pet at a time. Make sure to carry the health certificates on you in case you need them.

More information on pet transport regulations and best practices: