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Why uShip Fits Owner/Operators

  • uShip is an online marketplace with thousands of available shipments
  • Work and get paid directly by shippers
  • Build a national reputation with feedback and grow your business

How uShip Helps Owner/Operators

  • Loaded backhauls – Find loads for your back haul with QuickSearch
  • More per mile – Find extra shipments along your route to add to your profits
  • Free leads emailed directly to you
  • No monthly fees, no sign up fees, only a transaction fee

uShip Tips for Owner OperatorsRunning your own business

Running your own business as an Owner/Operator exposes you to a lot more risk, and that means taking extra precautions and planning ahead if you hope to do well. When building trips, take into account how many miles you are planning on deadheading, and use uShip to fill those miles. uShip has thousands of shipments available from all 48 states. You can also use uShip to make profitable trips even better: find extra shipments along your route that you can pick up to your total Revenue Per Mile. Running $2.00 a mile, find a shipment for $.50 a mile that doesn’t take you off your route – you are now at $2.50 a mile.

Operating on a national level

When you are out on your own it can be tough to find loads, especially in new areas. Large companies have fleets of freight agents, dispatchers, and large advertising budgets. The task of running across country and back while staying profitable can be daunting. However, uShip helps you out by providing loads in all 48 states and feedback. Feedback allows you to build a national reputation; no matter where you are people can always look at your record. And, once you have a feedback rating of ten, will notice you start getting “Requests to Bid”. These are from shippers who request that you directly bid on their item because of your great reputation and feedback. Feedback is one of your most precious commodities, so treat your customers well.