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Find Available Truck Loads for Owner Operators

There are a few ways to find truck loads for owner operators. If you want to set your own schedule, your own lanes, and be in full control of your own business, load boards are a great way to go. However, many load boards charge a monthly subscription fee, without a guarantee of work. uShip’s marketplace is a free load board, and you don’t pay any transaction fees until you have found work.

Why Owner Operators Use uShip to Find Truck Loads

  • uShip’s online shipping marketplace has thousands of available shipments of all kinds of commodities. It’s easy for independent owner operators to find shipments your rig can handle, on your timeline, and set your own rates.
  • Your carrier profile on uShip is free marketing for your business. Provide as much or as little information as you’re comfortable with. Show off your equipment with high-quality photos. Let people know how long you’ve been trucking, what you specialize in hauling, and your own terms and conditions.
  • Choose the transport jobs you want to do, and talk directly with customers to get the information you need.
  • Get all-in-one transport business management with uShip. You can find new truck loads for owner operators, save searches for locations, commodities, and more, track your quotes, booked and completed shipments, and see all your payments for easy accounting and filing taxes for your company.
  • After a completed job, your customer transfers the payment with a click of a button, directly into your uShip account. Withdraw those funds as quickly as a few hours, if you meet qualifications.
  • Build your brand as an owner operator, and gain loyalty as customers provide feedback and reviews based on your service.

How uShip Loads Helps Owner Operators

  • Loaded Backhauls: Save yourself from driving an empty truck and wasting diesel and time. Find a shipment along your route to turn a backhaul into a delivery.
  • Add on Multiple Shipments: Find extra truck loads for owner operators along your route to keep your truck filled, and add to your profits.
  • Transport Jobs Sent Directly to You: Get new available loads from your saved searches sent directly to your email.
  • Immediate Email Alerts: We’ll notify you when a customer is responding to your question on their listing, when another owner operator quotes on a listing you have a quote on, when you’ve won a job, etc. Choose what updates you want to receive.
  • Truly Free Load Board: uShip doesn’t have sign up fees or monthly fees. We want you to find work and don’t charge you anything until you win a job. When you’re placing your quote, you will see the exact transaction fee that will be applied, so you can make sure you’ll get paid what you know you deserve.

Tips for Owner Operators Using uShip to Find Available Loads

Running your own business as an owner operator exposes you to a lot more risk, and that means taking extra precautions and planning ahead if you hope to do well. When building trips, take into account how many miles you are planning on deadheading, and use uShip to fill those miles. uShip has thousands of shipments available from all 48 states. You can also use uShip to make profitable trips even better: find extra shipments along your route that you can pick up to improve your total revenue per mile. Example: running $2.00 a mile, find a shipment for $.50 a mile that doesn’t take you off your route – you are now at $2.50 a mile!

Owner operators are finding available truck loads every day on uShip. Register today, and start getting transport work.