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How to Find Livestock Hauling Jobs on uShip

Every day, thousands of trucks are transporting livestock across the nation. Whether you have a full cattle liner or a bumper pulled horse trailer, there’s a constant need for you to fill up your trailer. Sometimes, it can seem impossible to find people in need of livestock transport when your regular partners aren’t in need, or if you’re looking for some work in between hauls. We will let you in on the secrets to how hundreds of horse and cattle transporters find livestock hauling jobs on uShip daily.

Why Professionals Turn to uShip to Find Livestock Transport Jobs

  • Make Your Own Schedule, Transport Lane, and Money: With uShip, you’re in control. Use our find shipments product to locate livestock loads near you, or along your route. Then, you place your own transport quote as you compete with other carriers.
  • Free Livestock Load Board: Hundreds of cattle and horse hauling jobs are posted to uShip’s shipping marketplace daily. As a matter of fact, while other load boards charge a monthly fee or subscription fee, uShip doesn’t charge any fee other than a transaction fee only when you find livestock hauling work.
  • Direct Customer Communication: The business, farm, rescue, or individual horse owner creates the listing directly. Providing all the information you need to provide your quote on the livestock hauling job. If they miss a detail, you want to know more, or you want the customer to know you know your horse and cattle transport, there’s an open question and answer section on each listing for you communicate directly with the customer. (Note: Take a look at our uShip Community Rules & Guidelines when asking questions.)
  • Available Livestock Loads Near You: Cattle transport jobs, horse transport jobs, pig transport jobs, and more are available across the 48 states. It’s easy to find livestock transport near you, whether you’re starting a haul from your hometown, or looking for work along your route.
  • Free Marketing for Your Livestock Hauling Business: This benefit to carriers often goes unnoticed as it’s so easy to immediately find livestock hauling work on uShip. By filling out uShip’s carrier profile, you now have your business in the eye of the public. Anyone can find your horse transport company from a Google search, as well as through uShip’s marketplace community. On top of that, uShip provides ratings and reviews directly from your customers right on your profile every time a shipment is completed.
  • Manage Your Business in One Place: As you’re browsing uShip’s free livestock load board, you can create a ‘Saved Shipments’ list to come back to it, if you’re not ready to place a bid just yet. You can also create lists based on pickup or delivery location, type of livestock, time frames for delivery, and more. View your booked and completed shipments all in one place, as well as your uShip revenue data for easy accounting management.

As uShip is an open transportation marketplace, we encourage service providers to keep up on FMCSA guidelines for transporting livestock of any kind. You may know cattle and horse hauling guidelines like the back of your hand, but regulations are updated and added often.