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Find Available Hot Shot Loads on uShip

Thousands of owner-operators are using uShip to find available hot shot loads across the country. People turn to uShip to find transport services for their furniture, freight, vehicles, moves, and heavy equipment every day. No matter what kind of equipment you have or where you are, there’s a hot shot freight load on uShip for you.

Why Carriers Use uShip’s Free Hot Shot Load Board

  • Hot Shot Any Commodity: Often, hot shot shipments are time sensitive and use a smaller truck. Anyone can list anything for transport on uShip, meaning it’s easy to find hot shot loads for straight trucks, pick ups, goosenecks, fifth wheel, and more.
  • Free Hot Shot Load Board: uShip is a shipping marketplace with thousands of loads available right now. While most online load boards charge a subscription fee, uShip doesn’t take any money until the transaction fee when you secure hot shot work.
  • Set Your Rates, Schedule, and Route: With uShip’s Find Shipments product, you can easily find the perfect hot shot load based on your location or along your route. Review the listing and submit a competitive bid that works for you.
  • Market Your Hot Shot Business: Fill out uShip’s carrier profile with your company information, equipment type, and service areas. You can also include photos of your equipment. People can search for your hot shot company and find your profile online. Get ratings and reviews for your hot shot service directly from your customers.
  • Communicate Directly to Your Customers: Each hot shot load on uShip has a Q&A section on the listing. Use this section to find out more about the shipment and the customer. This is especially important if you’re newer to hot shotting with uShip and don’t have ratings or reviews yet.
  • Manage Your Hot Shot Trucking Business in One Place: Set up alerts for your saved searches to get notifications when a new hot shot load is available. Monitor shipments you have placed bids on, and get alerts when other carriers place a quote. Easily find your booked hot shot jobs to help with scheduling. See all your transactions and uShip revenue in one place.

Secure Hot Shot Freight on The Road

Hot shot loads typically don’t leave you a lot of time to plan your backhauls, and you may end up running more deadhead miles than you’d like. uShip makes it easy to find hot shot work when you need it, no matter where you are.

You can use a laptop to access uShip, but more frequently, carriers are using the uShip app on their smartphones when they’re on the road. Turn on your GPS services for the app, and easily get alerts when there are available hot shot loads near you.

Stuck in a remote area with spotty service? One of your best investments will be a wireless data card that works on the road. Wireless providers such as Verizon and T-mobile offer these services. Typically, you can pay for this service along with your standard wireless bill.

The best time to start planning your backhaul is on the way to your pick up location. Search for shipments headed out of your delivery area. Place a bid, and start asking questions, and by the time you’ve made your delivery you’ll have a loaded hot shot backhaul ready to go!