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How Freight Dispatchers Use uShip to Find High Paying Freight

Depending on what tool you’re using, it’s never been easier or more difficult to find high paying freight for your carriers. If you have used uShip, you know it’s never been easier. With a free load board, and tools like “my drivers,” you can run your entire freight dispatching business in one place.

Why Freight Dispatchers are Using uShip

  • uShip’s shipping marketplace has thousands of freight loads available right now. Businesses, fulfillment freight, and individuals finding LTL solutions, you can find the best freight for your carriers.
  • Find freight loads for hotshots, expediters, OTR drivers, auto haulers, and more.
  • uShip’s Find Shipments tool helps you filter available loads to locate the best freight shipment for your carriers when they need it and where they need it.
  • Manage your leads, monitor shipments in transit, review previous shipments, and access your uShip revenue stream all in one place.
  • You provide your own freight quotes. Find high paying freight by setting your own rates and bidding on loads with higher quotes.
  • Help your carriers by finding high paying freight loads, and shipments available along their route. Help avoid backhauls and deadheading.

Freight Dispatchers Planning Loads on uShip

  • When you send a driver out on a road, you can look on to find high paying freight loads along their route.
  • If the driver has some spare time or space, they can pick up additional loads to make extra money.
  • You can also look for freight loads heading along the route back home – avoiding a backhaul and allowing some home time.