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Finding Available Expedited & Commercial Freight Loads on uShip

Whether you’re an independent owner-operator, an up-and-coming freight transport company, or a commercial freight hauler, it can be tough at times to find available freight loads and keep trucking. That’s why thousands for freight transporters are turning to uShip’s free freight load board to find transport work.

Why Commercial and Expedited Freight Companies Use uShip

  • uShip’s free freight load board has thousands of available loads added every day.
  • Easily filter shipments by date, location, and commodity with uShip’s Find Shipments tool.
  • Find available loads for you equipment: flatbed, drop deck, lowboys and vans.
  • Avoid backhauls and pick up additional LTL loads along your route to make your trip more profitable.
  • Set up a saved search to get LTL freight leads emailed directly to you.
  • Set your own working hours, create your own shipping lane, and set your own freight quotes.

When commercial freight haulers use uShip, they set themselves up for success. uShip offers all kinds of carrier tools in one place to help make your job easier. Secure payments on uShip means you see your payment right at delivery – touchless, and hassle-free. Register today and to find available expedited and commercial freight loads.

Not quite ready? Learn about how carriers use uShip, our tools, secure payments, and more.