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How to Find Boat Transport Jobs on uShip

People are buying boats online more frequently than ever, increasing the demand for transporting boats. Boat owners are turning to uShip to find their transport services, creating hundreds of available boat transport jobs daily. Using the uShip marketplace as your free load board means you save while you keep delivering.

Why Boat Haulers Use uShip to Find Work

  • Available Boat Transport Jobs Daily: uShip has hundreds of new, available boat hauling jobs added to our free load board every day. Boat transport services are avoiding backhauls, starting a business, or just making some extra income with uShip.
  • Set Your Own Schedule, Rates, and Routes: Find boat transport jobs that fit your schedule. Plan for more work along any route you want to travel. Provide your own quotes for your services as you compete with other boat haulers.
  • Free Boat Transport Load Board: While online load boards typically charge a subscription fee, uShip’s load board is completely free to use. We want you to find transport work, so we don’t charge a transaction fee until you secure a job.
  • Run Your Boat Hauling Business in One Place: Use uShip’s carrier tools to make it easy to run your business directly through uShip. Set up saved searches for the jobs you want. Get alerts when other boat transporters bid on a load, see your booked and completed jobs, and have all of your revenue tracked by job.

Tips for Boat Transporters to Get Work on uShip

  • Fill out your carrier profile with your company information, photos of your equipment, and the services you offer.
  • Provide excellent service for excellent ratings and reviews. This will lead to boat-loads of accepted quotes, more boat transport jobs, and more revenue.
  • Engage in the Q&A section of the listing. Ask questions directly to the shipping customer to gauge how to quote, what you’ll need, and let them know you mean business.

Double Check Your Boat Trailer

If you just got a new or used trailer, it’s been a while since you transported a boat, or you just completed a long distance boat hauling job – you may want to take a look at your trailer. As a refresher, here’s a list of things to check:

  • Check the tires for cracks, dry rot, and air pressure.
  • Grease the bearings, and check to see if the trailer has brakes
  • Make sure all the bunks and rollers are in good shape. Ensure the boat is sitting properly on the trailer.
  • Grease the hitch ball, and make sure the jack stays in the raised position. 
  • Check everything after the first few miles, or a bump stretch of road