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Organizing Your Junk for a Yard Sale

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Not all junk is trash. There are a number of items in and around your house that you may want to get rid of, but that doesn’t mean that others couldn’t find a use for these items.  Yard sales are a great way to make money off the junk in your house you don’t want anymore. If you’re thinking about having a yard sale, organization is key.

Determine if a garage sale is right for you

If you only have one or two items, it probably is not worth the time to have a large yard sale. Most successful yard sales have a variety of items available. If you have a few items to sell, but not enough to justify a yard sale, consider selling your goods online or in classifieds.

Find items for your yard sale

Go through your home and gather items to sell. Sometimes, it can be hard to see the value in your old items, and you may be tempted to trash items that you could potentially sell. Remember: even if you think something is junk, someone else may be looking for that exact thing. Broken electronics can be used for parts, torn clothes mended, and incomplete sets completed.

Some ideas for things to sell at your garage sale:

  • Clothes you no longer wear
  • Old CDs, video games, and books
  • Furniture
  • Home decoration
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Furniture
  • Sporting goods
  • Instruments

Advertise your yard sale

Put signs up around your neighborhood and at local stores. Also ask your job, church groups, or other associations if and how you can advertise your sale.

On your signs and flyers, give a specific date and time—and stick to it! Early birds may show up hours ahead of time to get the best selection, but don’t budge. Sales usually last until the seller decides to pack up, so you may not need to note an ending time for your sale.

Along with your address, give basic directions. If you are putting signs up in your neighborhood, you can draw arrows pointing towards your house. This will help passers-by who are not familiar with the area.

Choose appropriate prices

Determining the prices of the items you’re selling is up to you.  Some ideas for pricing include:

  • Package deals: For example, you can sell 3 CDs for 10 dollars or one CD for 4 dollars.
  • Price areas: All items on a certain table or rack sell for the same dollar amount.
  • Bargaining: Remember, garage sale buyers are used to bargaining, so be ready to cut some deals.

The day of the sale

If you’ve prepared, the day of the sale should be busy but not stressful. Never try to run a garage sale alone and have a secure way to handle the money.
At the end of the day, hopefully you’ve made some money of things you would have otherwise trashed. If there are leftover items, you can try to sell them online, donate them to charity, or hire a junk hauler to remove them.

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