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Intrastate, Interstate, and International Moving Tips

Intrastate (local) moving tips:

  • Ask the company to provide an estimate on how long your move will take since these moves are generally priced on an hourly rate.
  • Make sure that your quote includes any extra fees such as fuel surcharges, or a larger truck.
  • Visit the facilities of any moving company you choose to help make a decision about the company. If they refuse to show you, think twice about hiring them.

Long distance moving service tips:

  • Verify your household mover is licensed by the FMCSA for interstate transportation of household goods.
  • Check that they have proper cargo insurance to carry your possessions.
  • Request information on their dispute settlement program, which they are legally required to supply.

International moving service tips:

  • Have your goods professionally packed.
  • Sell, store, or donate appliances that will not work in your new country.
  • For insurance purposes, create a detailed inventory of the value of your goods.