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Preparing Major Appliances for Shipping

When shipping large appliances such as a refrigerator, stove, or washer and dryer, it’s important to properly package your shipment to make sure it arrives in good condition. Be sure you have measured the dimensions of the destination, to know that your appliances will fit through the doorways, hallways, and into their new places properly.  If you pay for packing services, a professional will take care of the packing step. If not, you can ask your shipping company about preparing major appliances for shipping and follow their specifications. Keep reading to find out how to properly prepare your appliance.

How you need to package your appliance depends on whether you choose a moving company or a freight service. When working with a freight shipper on a large-appliance move, be sure you understand how far they will ship the appliance — will they leave it on the sidewalk for you to wrestle into the house by yourself or will they bring it in and set it up? Do not expect delivery teams to uncrate and set up appliances without being there yourself. If the appliance appears damaged or ruined, refuse the shipment and insist on returning it for an undamaged one.

Shipping a Refrigerator

Make sure your fridge is completely empty and clean before shipping. Defrost your refrigerator by unplugging it at least 24 hours before you ship it. Ask your shipping company whether or not they prefer that you remove and pack shelving and drawers separately. If they suggest you pack shelving and drawers separately, make sure to carefully package these items and label the box with your name and destination. Tape the door of the refrigerator and freezer securely shut, if possible.

Shipping a stove

Be especially careful of glass cooktops and stove ranges – these are very fragile. Give your stove a thorough cleaning before you ship it. Again, ask your shipping company whether your should package racks, knobs, or other removable pieces separately. Remember to be very careful when disconnecting a gas stove. The gas should be completely turned off (you can ask your gas company for advice). Take extra care with gas connections, since these pieces are fragile. Again, tape the door securely shut before shipment.

Shipping a dishwasher

You can clean your dishwasher for shipping by running it on empty with hot water and some detergent. Your shipping company should let you know whether to package racks separately. Before you ship your dishwasher, tape the door shut to avoid an accident.

Shipping a washer and dryer

Consult your owner’s manual to disconnect your washer and dryer. Carefully package all hoses separately, and secure the drum of the washer. Be sure to tape all doors shut before shipping your washer and dryer.