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Find Motorcycle Transport Jobs on uShip Today

The need for motorcycle haulers is growing as more bike shops are setting up online shopping and getting orders from all over the country. In addition, the rise of marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and more make it easy for beginners and enthusiasts to find their dream bike online. A lot of these online sellers and buyers are finding their shipping solution with uShip, creating hundreds of motorcycle transport jobs daily.

Why Motorcycle Haulers Are Using uShip to Find Work

  • Available Motorcycle Shipments Every Day: uShip’s online marketplace and load board has hundreds of motorcycle transport jobs added daily.
  • Free Motorcycle Load Board: Most online load boards charge a fee to join, or a monthly subscription. On uShip, registration is free. You aren’t charged a transaction fee until you find and secure work.
  • Your Own Hours, Routes, and Rates: With uShip, you’re in control. You can find motorcycle shipments available to fit your schedule, and where you’re headed. Set your own rates as you competitively quote on shipment listings.
  • Free Marketing Platform For Your Brand: uShip sets you up with a carrier profile and reviews directly from your customers. This means you can be found as people search online, and you’ll win more motorcycle shipping work as those good reviews roll in.
  • Manage Your Bike Hauling Business in One Place: With uShip’s carrier tools, you can set your business up to win. Set up alerts on saved searches, monitor your quotes on active listings, review your booked and completed deliveries, and see your transactions all on uShip.

Tips for Open Transport Motorcycle Haulers

Most shippers would prefer to have their motorcycles transported in an enclosed bike trailer, but that isn’t always possible. So if you are using a box truck, pick up, or anything else here are a few tips to help out with the process:

  • If you don’t have a ramp, you can use a piece of 2’ x 4’, however, the wider and thicker the better. You will also need two people. It’s always better to have a piece of wood wide enough to walk up with the bike.
  • Almost everyone will prefer to have their bike standing up during transport, so make sure you have straps to tie the bike into place.
  • There is almost no reason not to tarp the bike if it’s on the back of a pick up, make sure you have a big enough tarp to cover a large motorcycle.

Register on uShip and start finding motorcycle transport jobs today!