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How to Use Expedited Freight

Sometimes, you need your freight shipment to reach its destination ASAP. Luckily, there are freight companies that specialize in rushing freight shipments to their destination.

How Expedited Freight Works
The most common way for expedited freight to reach its destination is by air freight. Your package will be picked up and delivered by truck, but it travels most of the distance by plane. Air freight can be booked through an air freight carrier, through a freight broker, or online.

If possible, expedited freight can be driven in a cargo van or individual pickup truck. Of course, your shipment must cross a drivable distance within your timeframe, so sending freight this way only makes sense for short distances.

Remember, sending expedited freight—by air or road—is expensive. You will pay a high premium for time-sensitive shipping, so try to avoid shipping expedited freight shipping unless it is absolutely necessary. Even a few days notice can save you a lot of money on freight shipping.