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Expedited Freight Shipping

When you need your freight shipped at the speed of light, expedited freight is the way to go. For those pressed for time, expedited freight is a crucial service to consider. But what does it mean? Who are the expedited freight brokers, companies, and carriers? If you’re looking to get answers to the questions above, then you’ll want to stick around to read this guide. Feel free to skip to the bottom to move forward with free uShip quotes.

What Is Expedited Freight?

Expedited freight shipping means precisely what it sounds like – faster transport. The most common way for freight to reach its destination is by air freight. Your package will be picked up and delivered by truck, but it travels most of the distance by plane via air cargo. Airfreight can be booked through an air freight carrier, through a freight broker, or online.

If possible, expedited freight can be driven in a cargo van or individual pickup truck. Of course, your shipment must cross a drivable distance within your timeframe, so sending freight this way only makes sense for short distances.

The problem with sending expedited freight by air charter or road is that it’s expensive. You will pay a higher premium for time-sensitive shipping, therefore it is crucial to try and avoid shipping this service unless it is absolutely necessary. However, if you find yourself requiring the service, uShip can help get you great deals.

Expedited Freight Carriers

Most top LTL carriers offer expedited freight services for those in need. That said, just because a carrier offers the service doesn’t mean you should hire them. Below are trusted expedited freight companies that we provide quotes for:

  • UPS Freight: With a surplus of 200 freight terminals serving North America, UPS offers extensive LTL freight coverage. 
  • FedEx Freight: FedEx Freight is one of the biggest LTL carriers around. Its fleet of over 25,000 trucks serves around 370 terminals. 
  • Old Dominion Freight Lines: Old Dominion has won dozens of awards such as the Mastio Quality Award, U.S. EPS SmartWay Excellence Award, and Inbound Logistics’ Top 100 Truckers Award.
  • YRC: As the original LTL experts, YRC Freight knows how to move freight with confidence.
  • Forward Air: Since 1990, Forward Air has been a leading provider of ground transportation and related logistics services to the North American LTL market.

uShip offers LTL instant rates from over 31 tenured freight companies. If you have any special service requests, please contact us to discuss your option.

Freight Shipping with uShip

You can feel confident when booking an expedited freight delivery on uShip. uShip is an online shipping marketplace and load board that connects truckers (service providers) with shippers like you. The following benefits of using uShip are just a drop in the bucket:

  • World-Class Customer Support: uShip creates the foundation for a smooth shipment by offering industry-leading customer support.
  • Referral Program: Want free money? uShip gives you shipping credit and Amazon gift cards for referring others.
  • Insurance Options: Filing a claim through a carrier’s insurance policy is a complete nightmare. uShip ends the pain and suffering with the option to purchase your own policy at a price point you can afford.
  • Collective Buying Power: Save up to 85% on LTL freight rates by leveraging the power of buying in numbers.

Want to learn more about LTL shipping for businesses? Head over to our less than truckload business shipper page to see why savvy companies are using uShip to ship their freight on a daily basis. For the best expedited freight delivery experience, uShip is the way to go. If you are ready to get your freight moving, click “get freight shipping quotes” below.