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How to Transport a Bike

Riding a bike is one of the best modes of alternative transportation. But what about when you need to transport a bicycle long distances? Transporting a bicycle sounds like it should be easy, right? Well, if you have ever made the attempt to transport a bike without a bike rack or truck, you know that a lot of things can go wrong.

You can try to push, shove, or stuff your bike into your car, but you’ll end up having to remove important parts in order for it to fit.  As a result, you will probably either lose the parts, forget how to put them back on the bike, or both. Furthermore, by cramming a bike into your vehicle, you risk damaging your vehicle’s interior.

The best way to avoid the hassle is to hire a professional bicycle transporter from uShip.

uShip is an online marketplace that connects shippers to carriers with empty space in their trailer. Carriers are able to fill the space by providing lower rates to our shipping customers. It’s easy to get quotes – create a listing, compare your rates, review the carriers, and book using a secure payment method.

The best part about using uShip to ship your bicycle is that it’s free to get a quote and you are under no obligation to book with us. uShip really gives you the freedom and power to pick and choose the perfect bike transporter.

How to Transport a Bicycle

If you decide to take on the DIY bike transport challenge, below are some of the best and worst ways to do it:

  • Use a bike rack: The best way to move a bicycle short distances is by purchasing a bike rack made for your specific car. There are roof racks, hitch racks, and trunk racks. The downside of this option is that bikes can be easily stolen and damaged. If you will be leaving your bicycle unattended, you should skip this method.
  • Transport a bicycle by air: This option works best if you are flying for a vacation and want to take your bike with you. Most airlines will allow you to check a bicycle as long as it is in a bike case, box or bike bag. Unfortunately, a plastic bag will not work.
  • Transport a bicycle in a car: Why we don’t condone using your car without a bike rack to ship your bicycle, it is possible. Make sure you remove the wheels, pedals, seat, and handle bars to allow it to fit in the trunk or backseat. As previously mentioned, this can damage your car – grease will stain seats and bike parts can scratch and rip the interior.
  • Transport a bike in a train: Bike transport by train is possible. Railway authorities allow bikes to be transported as cargo. Companies such as Amtrak will allow you to even carry on a bike as luggage up to 50 pounds. Check with your local railway station for specific regulations.
  • Transport a bike in a pickup: There are many ways to ship a bike in a truck bed. You could just throw it in the back and tie it down for safety, but there are better ways. For example, you can purchase a bed rack that secures many bikes at once. Do your research and see which method works best for your truck.

When to Transport a Bike

There are many reasons someone would want to transport a bike:

  • Tune-ups and maintenance trips: uShip can transport your bike to and from your favorite mechanic for tune-ups and more.
  • Events: We can transport your bicycle to events such as races, triathlons, Iron Man competitions, and more.
  • Vacations: Save room in your car and let uShip transport your bike to and from your favorite vacation spot.
  • College: Shipping a bike back and forth from college is a hassle, uShip can help.
    Relocation: If you are planning a big move, uShip can ship the whole house including your bike, furniture, car, and more.

Shipping a Bike with uShip

Shipping a Bike with uShip is safe, reliable, and affordable. We are dedicated to providing the best shipping service possible while providing world class customer service. Get a free quote today to experience uShip for yourself.