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How to Move a Storage Shed

Whether you are moving into a new home or if you are selling your old storage shed, chances are that you will need to find a way to move your storage shed to its new location. Unfortunately, moving a storage shed is nothing like moving boxes – you’re going to need a professional to get the job done right. Fortunately, uShip can connect you with a quality mover at an affordable price who will work safely and efficiently. 

For those DIY enthusiasts, you will find step by step instructions to move your storage shed. Keep in mind that you will need to tailor your strategy based on your specific needs and equipment. The following guidelines should be read and understood as a general overview of how to transport a tool, garden, or storage shed.

How to Transport a Storage Shed: Step by Step

Items Required: Three to five metal or PVC pipes, an auto jack, a shovel, and wood tracks. Optional: forklift or crane. 

  1. Decide on a method for shipping
    • In a truck bed: this method is only for smaller, more manageable sheds. We do not advise using this type of transport. 
    • Move Shed on a trailer: If you own a flatbed trailer, or are able to rent one, this may be a low cost option. 
    • Breakdown: Depending on the type of shed, you may be able to break it down and rebuild it at its new location. Beware, this option is time consuming and tedious. 
    • Hire a Professional: Hiring a professional is the safest option. 
    • Buy a new storage shed: Leaving your shed behind and buying a new one is the easiest option if you can afford it. 
  2. Clean and empty storage shed for transport: Your shed is going to be heavy. Reduce the weight by removing all contents. Furthermore, cleaning out the contents also prevents items from becoming damaged during transport. 
  3. Prepare the area for moving: It is important to make a clear path for moving your shed. For example, if you have overgrown grass, mow it. This will make the process much easier. Furthermore, remove debris from your yard such as sticks, brush, leaves, garden tools, furniture, etc.
  4. Dig Out Storage Shed: Sheds tend to sink into the ground overtime so you will need to dig around the base to free it from the grips of Earth. Once you have dug out your shed from the ground, create four pickup points at the four corners of the shed by digging out enough room to fit a jack underneath. A rule of thumb is to dig at least half a foot of clearance per corner. Use extreme caution when digging – analyze your situation and adjust your strategy accordingly. 
  5. Lift and Roll: Arrange your metal pipes (or PVC)  parallel to the base of the front of the shed. Then, place your jacks under the four corners of the pick up points and slowly jack to lift the shed. Only lift the building high enough for the metal pipes to fit under. You could use four strong humans for this, but keep in mind that this part is fairly dangerous.
  6. Next, have your helpers push the shed onto the first couple of pipes. Keep pushing and placing the pipes under the shed – evenly spaced. As you push, the shed will start to roll over the pipes. When I pipe rolls out the back, take the pipe and place it back in the front. This will keep it rolling. Keep it rolling at a slow and steady pace. Be careful not to build up to much speed. Roll the shed all the way to the end of the trailer you wish to load it on.
  7. Load Storage Shed: If you have a crane or forklift, this part will be easy. Simply lift it onto the trailer. On the other hand, if you do not have a forklift or crane, you will need to manually lift it onto the trailer. Use your jacks and raise the shed just enough to get a grip on the base. From there, have as many people as you need grab the base and lift the shed up and onto the trailer. Secure the shed as needed and transport it to its new location. 

Who can Transport a Shed?

Anyone can move a storage shed, however, it’s best to hire a professional storage shed moving company. A professional moving company will have the correct tools and equipment to safely transport a shed of any kind. It is important to understand that the process is dangerous if you have never moved a storage building on your own. 

To avoid injury, ensure you have performed proper research prior to attempting to do it yourself. Proper footwear, gloves, safety glasses, and other protective equipment should be worn at all times during the move. In essence, anyone can move a storage building; however, the best way to move a storage shed is to hire a professional company for the job. 

How Much to Move a Storage Shed

The cost to move a storage shed will depend on the method you use. If you hire a transport company, your rate will depend on the total distance required for transporting your shed, its size, the effort needed to load it, and much more. To see what it might cost to ship your specific storage or garden shed on uShip, please see our cost to ship index. 

Storage Shed Movers on uShip

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Create a listing to get competing offers from carriers in your area. Review quotes and easily book through our secure payment system. If you have any questions about transporting a garden, tool, or storage shed, please contact us. Otherwise, click below for a quote.