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GovPlanet Auction: Shipping and Transport

Are you considering purchasing something from a GovPlanet auction? If so, you need to read this. GovPlanet is an online auction where you can purchase anything from used military gear to heavy equipment at deeply discounted prices. The problem is, most buyers are in such a rush to place a bid that they don’t think about the most important part, shipping.

When you can’t personally pick up items that you’ve purchased from a GovPlanet Auction, let uShip step in and help. We specialize in shipping heavy machinery, cars, trucks, pallets, crates, shipping containers, and more.

Shipping items from GovPlanet is easier than you might think. uShip allows you to save money and time by easily comparing quotes all in one place. With just a few clicks, you can get rates from top-rated transportation service providers to haul your shipment anywhere in the country.

GovPlanet Shipping Tips

If you have ever shipped from a GovPlanet auction, you know it can be a pain to get items picked up. That said, here are some tips and tricks to help your shipment go smoothly:

  • Submit Payment on Time: GovPlanet charges a late fee if you do not make full payment within eight days of winning an auction item.
  • Item Release Form: You will need to obtain a release form from GovPlanet. The form has important information regarding the item you’ve purchased. Make sure to also provide your transportation service provider with a copy prior to pickup.
  • Schedule Appointment: Look for the GovPlanet customer service number on the release form. Call to schedule a specific pickup date for the item. You will not be able to have the item picked up without an appointment.
  • BOL: Be sure to complete a bill of lading prior to pick up; provide a copy to the driver.
  • Avoid Storage Fees: You must have the item picked up within 8 business days of the auction to avoid storage fees.

GovPlanet Auctions and uShip

With over 41,000 feedback rated carriers to haul your load, you can feel confident when using uShip to transport auction items from GovPlanet. That said, uShip offers some of the best benefits in the industry:

  • Referral Program: Do you know of other businesses in need of LTL shipping services? If so, refer them to experience uShip and you’ll receive shipment credits and other rewards in return.
  • Rebill Protection: uShip audits your invoice to ensure no mistakes were made.
  • Shipping Protection: Did you know that LTL pickups do not automatically come with full coverage insurance? uShip fills insurance protection gaps and offers the option to purchase a full-coverage protection plan for select shipments.

If you have any questions about GovPlanet shipping, please contact us. Otherwise, click below for shipping estimates.